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7 November 2023

15 January 2023

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  • curprev 02:2202:22, 15 January 2023MikaGut talk contribs 1,398 bytes +1,398 Created page with "In The Gorge event, players need to cook to earn Maw's favor. However, it's not as easy as in a regular game (throw random ingredients into a cauldron and wait until the dish cooks itself). Initially, you need to buy kitchen sets from Mamzi, which contain various cooking stations. == Pot Hanger == {{Structure_Infobox|image=Pot_Hanger_Build.png|name=Pot Hanger|spawns=32px|link=Cooking stations}}{{Item_Infobox|name=Pot Hanger|image=Pot_Hanger_..."