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6 May 2024

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12 March 2024

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  • curprev 18:0118:01, 12 March 2024MikaGut talk contribs 1,125 bytes +1,125 Created page with "{{Beta Content}} {{Exclusivity|Don't Starve Together}} {{Object Infobox |name = Junk Pile |picked = Can be picked. |image = <gallery> Junk Pile.png|1 Junk Pile2.png|2 Junk Pile3.png|3 Junk Pile Med.png|Medium Junk Pile Low.png|Low </gallery> |resources = See below. }} '''Junk Pile''' - is a structure that appear in Scramble. You can rummage through it and with some chance you will find useful items or mobs. At one landfill next to one of the Junk Pile, [[W.O.B.O.T.]..."