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Wigfrid Portrait.png
Meat öf the dark beasts.

Wigfrid, when examining Monster Meat.

Monster Meat is a Food item obtained by killing most Monsters. Most monsters will drop Monster Meat at least 50% of the time, otherwise dropping their special resources (for example Spiders also drop Silk and Spider Gland).

Monster Meat is toxic and will reduce Health and Sanity when consumed, with the exception of Webber and Wilba, who will not take any penalties upon consumption. Wormwood does not take the health penalty from consuming Monster Meat, but does lose Sanity.

Drop table

Mob(s)/Structure(s) Chance Quantity
Slotmachine.png (Shipwrecked icon.png) 0.46% 3
Batilisk.png 10% 1
Secret Bandit Camp.png (Hamlet icon.png) 16% 1
Poison Snake.png (Shipwrecked icon.png) 20% 1
Weevole.png (Hamlet icon.png)
Moonrock Pengull.png
25% 1
Snake.png(Shipwrecked icon.png)
Viper.png (Hamlet icon.png)
33% 1
Crab (insanity).png (Shipwrecked icon.png)
40% 1
Spider.pngSpider Warrior.pngCave Spider.pngSpitter.pngDangling Depth Dweller.png
Spider Warrior (Venomous).png (Shipwrecked icon.png)
Vampire Bat.png (Hamlet icon.png)
50% 1
Stink Ray.png (Shipwrecked icon.png) 67% 1
Mant.png (Hamlet icon.png) 75% 1
Hound.pngRed Hound.pngBlue Hound.pngBeardlord.pngKrampus.pngTreeguard.png
Palm Treeguard.pngSea Hound.pngFlup.pngDragoon.pngCrocodog.pngYellow Crocodog.pngBlue Crocodog.png (Shipwrecked icon.png)
Dung Beetle.pngScorpion.pngGiant Grub.png (Hamlet icon.png)
100% 1
Tentacle.png 100% 2
Glommer.png (Reign of Giants icon.png) 100% 3
Depths Worm.png Spider Queen.png 100% 4
Queen Womant.png (Hamlet icon.png) 100% 5
Varg.png (Reign of Giants icon.png) 100% 4-6
Pugalisk.png (Hamlet icon.png) 100% 6-16

Cooked Monster Meat

Warly Portrait.png
Could use... uh... I don't even...

Warly, when examining Cooked Monster Meat.

Cooked Monster Meat is Monster Meat that has been cooked on a Campfire, Fire Pit or Star.

Mobs that ordinarily drop Monster Meat and die from being set on fire, will drop a Cooked Monster Meat instead. Cooking Monster Meat on a Campfire/Fire Pit or drying it on a Drying Rack to make a Monster Jerky reduces its toxic effects. Additionally, one raw, cooked, or dried Monster Meat (or Durian) can be used as a meat/filler in Crock Pot recipes with no toxic effects. It should be noted however that using more than 1 piece of Monster Meat (or Durian) in a Crock Pot will typically result in Monster Lasagna, which is just as toxic as eating raw monster meat, with a large sanity drain penalty.

Monster Jerky

Wolfgang Portrait.png
Look like leather, taste like leather.


Monster Jerky is the product of drying raw Monster Meat on a Drying Rack for 1 Day.

Monster Jerky can be given to the Pig King in exchange for a Gold Nugget, unlike raw Monster Meat. It can also be fed to a Caged Bird to produce an Egg. It also will decrease Sanity and Health but to a lesser degree than the other forms of monster meat.

See general meat uses.

Unharvested Monster Jerky will not start to spoil as long it is left on the Drying Rack, making it possible to keep it fresh for an indefinite amount of time. However this feature was changed in Reign of Giants DLC in which all dried meat does spoil on the Drying Rack at the same speed as if it was left on the ground. Same change was made for any finished meal left on a Crock Pot.

Icon Tools.png Usage

Monster Meat can be used as bait for meat-eating creatures, such as Spiders or Buzzards.

Giving Monster Meat to a Pig will befriend it. When 4 pieces of Monster Meat are fed to a Pig, it will transform into a Werepig and become hostile. This can sometimes happen accidentally when Pig Villages are close to Spider Dens, as Pigs will eat the Monster Meat from Spiders they kill. Note that Werepigs always drop 2 Meats and 1 Pig Skin. It is useful when you have too many Monster Meat or lack Pig Skin or Meat.

Monster Jerky can be given to the Pig King in exchange for Gold Nuggets.

Cooked Monster Meat or Monster Jerky can be fed to caged birds to produce Eggs. Raw Monster Meat can also be fed to caged birds to produce Eggs in Don't Starve Together.

Monster meat is a very useful ingredient for various Crock Pot recipes:

  • If only a single piece of Monster Meat is used, Monster Lasagna will not be produced. This is very useful in many meat based recipes such as Meatballs, Meaty Stew, Bacon and Eggs, Honey Ham, Honey Nuggets and Pierogi.
  • Monster Lasagna will never form if a Twig is used as an ingredient. This enables the use of two Monster Meats alongside a Twig in a few recipes such as Bacon and Eggs and Fishsticks. Note that the use of a Twig also prevents a number of other useful recipes.
  • Several recipes from the Shipwrecked and Hamlet DLCs have a higher priority than Monster Lasagna making it possible to safely use multiple Monster Meats. A notable example is Surf 'n' Turf.

Some animals are carnivorous or omnivorous and will eat Monster Meat given to them or left laying around. If they are not immune to the negative effects of Monster Meat, eating it causes them to lose Health. This allows an abundance of Monster Meats to be converted to other resources by simply feeding these animals with Monster Meat directly or indirectly. For example, in Shipwrecked DLC Crabbits and Seagulls will be attracted to and eat Monster Meat, yielding Fish Morsels, and Azure Feathers or Morsels respectively when they eat enough.

In a pinch, Monster Meat can be eaten to stay alive, at a cost. However, Wigfrid can viably use Cooked Monster Meat as a food source, mainly because she has a health and sanity regeneration effect when fighting.

If playing as Walter, you can feed monster meat to Woby to make her Big Woby

Monster Meat farming is a very practical thing to do especially in the earlier stages of the game because it is very easy and effective.

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In the Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked DLCs, Monster Jerky will begin to spoil immediately upon creation on a Drying Rack, regardless of whether it is harvested or not.

Icon Science.png Recipes

Monster Meat.png
Fire Pit.png
Cooked Monster Meat.png
Monster Meat.png
Drying Rack.png
Monster Jerky.png
Cooked Monster Meat.png
Monster Jerky.png
Monster Jerky.png
Monster Jerky.png
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Prototype.png Tips

  • While Monster Meat damages health when eaten it still restores a big chunk of durability for both the Eye Mask and the Shield of Terror.
  • Monster Meat lasts 15 days when cooked, and only 6 days when it's raw. So it's best to cook it as soon as possible in the early stages of the game to extend its freshness, even when the player gets an Ice Box. However, when Drying Racks become available, even spoiled Monster Meat can be turned into fresh Monster Jerky that lasts 20 days, or 40 days in an Ice Box. The best overall way to extend the spoilage time is to first put the raw Monster Meat into a Salt Box, where it can last up to 24 days. Then it can be dried into Monster Jerky to refresh its spoilage, and subsequently stored in an Ice Box for up to another 40 days before turning into Rot.
  • In Reign of Giants, the Bearger will eat and be damaged by Monster Meat. It takes 150 monster meat to completely kill a Bearger. While this is impractical a full stack takes a substantial chunk of the Bearger's health.
  • Webber starts with 2 Monster Meat and suffers no Health or sanity penalties when eating it. Unlike other characters, cooking the Monster Meat before consuming it provides no bonuses to Webber aside from increased spoiling time.
  • Monster Meat is possibly the greatest of the Crock Pot ingredients/fillers, as it has a meat value of 1, can be turned into jerky and can be made into Eggs with a Bird Cage. This makes it possible to survive off of Monster Meat alone by cooking Meatballs with Monster Meat and Eggs. If a player has access to morsels, Bacon and Eggs can also be made, and is a more beneficial recipe than Meatballs.
  • Feeding cooked monster meat to a bird in a birdcage gives eggs, which can be converted to gold via Pig King.
  • 4 monster meat can be "traded" for 2 regular Meat and a Pig Skin by giving them to a Pig and killing the resulting Werepig. However, since Monster Meat can already replace Meat in most contexts, the main value for this is making Jerky, Meaty Stew or a Ham Bat.
  • Since Monster Jerky does not technically count as a cooked food item, Wagstaff will suffer an additional 3 Health Meter.png penalty for eating it, meaning it will instead damage him for 6 Health Meter.png.
  • For preservation, it is best to convert all Monster Meat into Monster Jerky, as Monster Meat in a Salt Box will last up to 24 days (12 Days on an Ice Box), whereas Monster Jerky on an Ice Box lasts for 40 Days.
  • Compared to Cooked Monster Meat, it has half the sanity penalty. As Monster Meat takes 2 days to dry whereas Cooking Monster Meat takes only half a second to cook, it is more worthwhile to cook it instead of drying it except for preservation.
    • As Webber, Monster Jerky provides no additional bonuses over raw Monster Meat.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Warly states that the meat has "nice marbling", suggesting that it's rather fatty.
  • Contrary to popular belief, WX-78 still takes damage when they eat this.
  • Wickerbottom's quote to a Big Woby implies that there is some kind of mutagen in the monster's meat. This may explain the transformation of Woby into a big form, the transformation of pigs into werepigs and other local abilities of this meat.

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