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Nightberries are a Generic type of Food that can be found on Gloomthorn trees in bunches of four. After picking them from a Gloomthorn tree, they will regrow after 12 to 25 days. After eating Nightberries, the player will be slowed for a few seconds and gain night vision for 4 minutes.
While the night vision effect is active the player will lose ~4,4 Sanity Meter.png  / minute, totaling at -17.75 Sanity over the duration.
Nightberries and Cooked Nightberries can be put into Crock Pot and serve as 1 Fruit Value.

Cooked Nightberry

Cooked Nightberries can be made by cooking Nightberries. Cooked Nightberries do not grant a night vision effect.

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The Nightberry was introduced in the Staying Afloat update.

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