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  • curprev 22:5222:52, 15 March 2024MikaGut talk contribs 903 bytes +903 Created page with "{{Beta Content}} {{Exclusivity|Don't Starve Together}} {{Object Infobox |picked = Can be picked ({{Pic32|Scrappy Werepig}}). |name = Teetering Junk Pile |image = Teetering Junk Pile.png |resources = {{Pic32|Junk Pile}} }} '''Junk Pile''' - is a structure that appear in Junk Yard. If you rummage through it, the head of Scrappy Werepig will emerge from the trash. You need to dig 3 times to free Scrappy Werepig. After this, a neutral Scrappy Werepig will app..."