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The Don't Starve Wiki is a web-based and free-content encyclopedia supported by This wiki is maintained by a group of volunteers who are passionate about the Don't Starve and Don't Starve Together games. We aim to provide any information you might need in too survive and flourish in Don't Starve. we also have a Guide section for players to share their unique in-game experience. Anyone with Internet access is welcome to contribute to the wiki constructively. Also? we have saved almost all the images, interesting facts and much more, so that players can more easily find the information they are interested in for any reason. We also strive to help beginners in understanding the lore of the game.

If you are new to the wiki, please be sure to read and follow Rules and Manual of Style before and while editing. Parents are recommended to read the Parent Page for the games.

Rope.png Affiliation

This wiki has no affiliation with Klei Entertainment.

Icon Books.png Brief history

Wiki WAM Score 98.82, with peak rank at 9.

The wiki was founded on 8 September 2012 by Sixfive! on Fandom.

The wiki was adopted twice due to inactivity of admins.

  1. 1st time on 8 April 2013 by Mentalistpro
  2. 2nd time on 19 November 2015 by TimothyofSilver

At 18.08.2023 Wiki moved to platform

At the moment, only MikaGut remains an active administrator

Placeholder.png More help

  • Community Portal - contains all the resources relevant to Don't Starve Wiki.
  • Guides - comprehensive guides written by our passionate players.
  • Help:Contents - if you are not familiar with wiki or editing, check here.
  • [Discord Server] - if you want to share a mistake, chat about editing, ask for help in editing and everything related to editing