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  • Staying Afloat
    Staying Afloat
    While Wurt and Winona hammer away on their own visions for the future, it seems the Constant's sea has seen some changes of its own. Be prepared to rock the boat in the name of progress!Read more >
  • New Twitch Drops!
    New Twitch Drops!
    Get The Rosy Eyebrella for watching Twitch streams!Read more >
  • Roadmap 2024
    Roadmap 2024
    Klei posted a Roadmap for 2024, in which they talked about what we can expect in the future in the gameRead more >
  • Don't Starve Board Game
    Don't Starve: The Board Game
    Official tabletop adaptation of Don't Starve. 1-4 player roguelike survival co-op (with TRUE solo) from the developers of Frostpunk:TBG. Read more >]
  • Discord Server for wiki editors
    Discord Server for wiki editors
    We have a Discord server for wiki editors!Join >

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Staying Afloat

While Wurt and Winona hammer away on their own visions for the future, it seems the Constant's sea has seen some changes of its own. Be prepared to rock the boat in the name of progress!

  • Skill Spotlight: Wurt and Winona Skillsets have been added.
  • Crab King redesign: new behaviors, minions, arena, and loot.
  • Sunken Chests: added new exclusive loot - Surprising Seeds and Archaic Boats.
  • Marotters: new creatures found on the coastline.
  • Additional Pirate Raid behavior: they can sometimes be found post-raid, carrying loot.
  • Kelp Boat Patch, signs of Powder Monkeys territory on sea stacks, new ocean set pieces, a new Pearl trade, and a new Salt Lick made of actual salt!

Lost Scrapbook Page.png Secret Knowledge


Did you know that for the announcement of Don't Starve Together, the players had to solve an unusual riddle. They needed to find notes in the game with coordinates that needed to be compared with a secret map. After it turned out that all the coordinate points form a constellation of twins. However, how did it announce the game?


Brightmare Alterego in game.gif

Do you know who Brightmare Alterego is? This creature was supposed to appear in one of the Return of Them updates. It was able to please the player depending on who you play as. Apparently it belonged to lunar beings, like the Gestalts


California Roll.png

Despite their name, California Rolls are not actually California Rolls. The California Roll was invented to popularize sushi in North America. To become appetizing for people who did not like seeing seaweed, it's prepared "inside out", where the seaweed is inside and the rice is outside of the roll. However, the in-game image for California Roll has the seaweed outside, indicating it's not actually a California Roll.


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  • Fix character quotes to their new skins in their gallery.
  • Sort characters quotes.
  • Sort characters gallerys.

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