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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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This bird calls upön the mighty Thör!


The Thunderbird is a Mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It can be found in the Painted Biome. Its head will follow the player's movements. If the player gets close (about 2 Pitchfork tiles) the bird will charge up, and make electric sounds. If the player gets even closer (about one Pitchfork tile) the bird will emit three Lightning bolts around it at random, dealing 10-20 damage per strike (depending on Wetness level), likely hitting the player or nearby trees with at least one.

Thunderbirds can be chased down and killed after they release their charge, since it takes them a minute before they can strike again. They respawn at their Thundernest 5 days after being killed.

Prototype.png Tips

  • WX-78 players can use the Thunderbird's electrical attack to attain System Overload.
  • The Thunderbird's electrical attack can revive the Iron Hulks.
    • If there is an Iron Hulk piece nearby you can approach the thunderbird safely as it will attract all the lightning, even as WX-78.
  • During the Aporkalypse, Thunderbirds emit 10 Lightning bolts instead of 3.
  • Thunderbirds do not flee from Abigail. Wendy players can easily kill these by staying out of their lightning bolt range and commanding Abigail to attack. During the day time, Abigail will need to be commanded a second time or else she will lose interest due to the lack of counter attack.
  • It only takes one hit from a Blow Dart to kill a Thunderbird, so using the disarming kit to collect Blow Darts from Striking Carvings will help with collecting iron ore, drumsticks, and Thunderbird Feathers.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Thunderbird is a mythological figure in certain cultures of the indigenous people of North America.
  • The Thunderbird's design bears a strong resemblance to the head of the Screecher.