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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

The Iron Hulk is a Mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It comes in the form of a head, ribs, arm, and foot.

Brain.png Behavior

When first found in the world, the Iron Hulks will be covered with moss and foliage, presumably because they have been dormant for quite some time. They will come to life and attack the player or anything nearby when mined with a Pickaxe. They can also be stirred to life with lightning, which keeps them activated for a longer period of time than if they were mined. During the Aporkalypse, the Iron Hulks will remain activated constantly.

There are six different parts to be found: a head, a torso, two legs, and two arms. The arm and torso are by far the most devastating ones, as they will shoot a giant laser beam that procs small explosions in a straight line, which can cause immense damage, and if unarmored, can instantly kill the player. These lasers will also light structures, plants, and mobs on fire. The head and the leg will perform a smash attack, where they will leap at their target and smash down, doing a small AOE attack that also starts fires, and can proc multiple times if an entity is closer to the center of the attack.

The player can, however, farm Iron Ore by mining them repeatedly. Since their attack AI targets the player's location only when they start their attack animation, the player can occasionally hit them when they're still active.

Large Iron Hulk

Wickerbottom Portrait.png
It must be using some sort of ancient technology.


The Large Iron Hulk is a Boss Monster. It is the result of the player activating every piece and leading them all to the same place. As soon as the last piece reaches the pile, the Large Iron Hulk will wake up and the fight will begin. The boss has a variety of attacks, including launching 3-5 proximity mines around the boss, throwing a ball of fire at the player, spinning around firing a laser, and forming a ring of Basalt Eruptions around the boss. The Large Iron Hulk also has a melee attack in which it jams its mouth into the ground, as well as a short range teleport.

Upon death, the Large Iron Hulk will explode and spawn all of the pieces in random locations around the island it died on, excluding the head which will land directly where the boss died; the Iron Hulk cannot be permanently killed. All landmines and basalt eruptions will remain where they are until something destroys them. The Large Iron Hulk will drop 2~4 Gears, 2~6 Iron Ore, 6~7 Infused Iron, as well as the Blueprint for the Living Artifact.

Gramophone.png Examination Quotes

Webber Portrait.png
Shhh... it's sleeping.

Webber, when examining the Head

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining the Ribs

Walani Portrait.png
Yeesh. Don't wanna high five that.

Walani, when examining the Arm

Woodlegs Portrait.png
Arrg! I could use tha' leg!

Woodlegs, when examining the Leg

Prototype.png Tips

  • It is recommended to mine the ribs. Although they do the most damage, their attacks are the easiest to dodge. The ribs also have a longer pause between attacks, allowing the player to mine it for longer without dodging attacks.
  • The biome Iron Hulks are found in are often next to Thunderbirds. This can cause the Iron Hulks to be struck by lightning, awakening them and often wreaking havoc to nearby mobs.
    • Thunderbirds also don't run away from hulks, thus when killed by one are set on fire and won't drop Thunder Feathers.
  • The ribs and arm pieces can attack with their lasers in melee range, even if they just attacked at range. Be wary when mining these pieces while they're activated.
  • A Telelocator Staff and Telelocator Focus can be used as a quick way to gather the Hulk's parts in a desired location, at the cost of gems and living logs.
    • One can build a Telelocator Focus on the fourth island (accessible via the BFB), then use a Telelocator Staff to teleport the Hulk or its separate parts there. Since the pieces of the Hulk reappear on the island where it was killed, and the fourth island is the smallest, they will always respawn close together.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Killing the Large Iron Hulk indoors will crash the game. This could be accomplished if a Telelocator Focus was built indoors and a Telelocator Staff was used on the Large Iron Hulk, and then the Hulk was killed.
    • This likely occurs because the game can't figure out where the Iron Hulk Body Components should be put, since indoor areas aren't technically an "island."

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Iron Hulk's Torso and Arm attack is similar to that of the Deerclops in the Don't Starve Together Event Winter's Feast.
  • The Iron Hulk's lua file gives it a drop table and has unimplemented code that gives the Iron Hulk health. Its health is set at 1000, and the loot includes Iron Ore and Gears.
  • According to Rhymes with Play #213, the identity of the Iron Hulks' creator is a secret.
  • The Iron Hulk's attack cannot harm the Ancient Herald, but can harm almost anything else, even Shadow Creatures.
  • In the World Customization menu, they are called "Rusted Hulks".
  • Currently, getting killed by an Iron Hulk will be listed as "Shenanigans", in the morgue.
  • The torso used to be used as the Map icon for all types of Iron Hulks. This was later changed.
  • The Large Iron Hulk was first teased in the Don't Starve: Hamlet Roadmap forum post. [1] It was officially added to the Early Access beta branch on April 18, 2019.
  • The Large Iron Hulk is described by Klei as a "lonely sentinel still stuck in a long forgotten war".[2]
  • The Large Iron Hulk was added in the April 18, 2019 update.
  • If a Iron Hulk body part and a Large Iron Hulk are spawned together, they will kill each other.
  • Iron Hulk (along with Deerclops, Spider Queen, Bearger, Sealnado, Reanimated Skeleton, and enraged Klaus) has the biggest insanity aura of -400 sanity per minute.
  • The beam attack of some Iron Hulk pieces may be used to mine stone as they destroy structures like stone walls and their own Basalt Eruptions.
  • The beam attack is able to damage shadow creatures.

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