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A regular Noseferatu.


The Naked Mole Bat is a mob exclusive to Don't Starve Together. They spawn when a player approaches one of the large lights shining from above into the Lunar Grotto biome. They are aggressive towards the player. When killed, they will respawn from the same light after 4 days.

They attack all other small creatures. The only monsters they don't attack naturally are Batilisks and other Naked Mole Bats. When attacking, they bite their target with their sharp teeth. Before attacking, they sometimes screech.

When finding food, they move towards the food item and eat it with their nose by sniffing it. They are omnivore and eat both meats and vegetables/fruits.

Upon death, they drop either 1 Monster Meat (66%) or 1 Naked Nostrils (33%), and possibly Guano (15%).

After some time they will go to sleep and create a Naked Mole Bat Burrow.

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  • When in combat, Naked Mole Bats have a chance to summon another Mole Bat from the ceiling by screaming upwards if there isn't another mole bat near.
  • Bunnymen and Pigs attack them on sight as they are considered Monsters. Pigs only leave their houses underground when exposed to light during the day, so it's advised to build Rabbit Hutches near Cave Lights, where they spawn.
  • Batilisks will aid Naked Mole Bats in battle. If a Naked Mole Bat is attacked, nearby Mole Bats and Batilisks will join the fight. When a Batilisk is attacked, nearby Mole Bats will join the fight as well.
  • They take 2 shots from an Ice Staff to be frozen and 3 Sleep Darts to be put to sleep.

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