Hanging Vine

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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Wheeler Portrait.png
If I didn't know any better, I'd think that vine wants my stuff.

Wheeler, when examining a mob Hanging Vine

Wheeler Portrait.png
Vines. Gotta love 'em.

Wheeler, when examining a plant Hanging Vine

Hanging Vines are plants or plant-like mob exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. They appear in Deep Rainforest once coming close to them. There are two variants of Hanging Vines. One of them is just a plant and can be destroyed with a Shears to provide a Rope. The other acts like a hostile creature.

Both kinds of Hanging Vines are renewable, after they are destroyed, a new one has a chance to spawn at the same location after about 2-3 days.[1]

Brain.png Behavior

Mob Hanging Vine knocks out items from one's inventory when attacking, like a Frog, Poison Dartfrog or Piko. It also eats all kinds of food left on the ground. It is neutral towards Wormwood.

Spear.png Fighting Strategy

As their damage is low, one can simply place a high-stack item like Grass on the leftmost inventory slot and tank them. Placing a Food item nearby is another option, as Hanging Vines prioritize eating food over attacking, so players can attack them without retaliation. As a bonus, using this method can cause a chain of Leafy Meat dropping and causing others to head for it, allowing an easy clearing of hanging vines.

Prototype.png Tips

  • It is difficult to distinguish between plant Hanging Vine and mob Hanging Vine. However, the colour of mob Hanging Vine is brown-green and the colour of plant Hanging Vine is brown. One can also found that mob Hanging Vine has spikes and plant Hanging Vine has leaves.
  • One can put some food which reduces Health, such as Red Mushroom and Monster Meat, near mob Hanging Vine (it is not considered as Monster), it will eat them and die.



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