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The Shadow Watcher is a long, thin Shadow Creature that appears around light sources at night (including charged Lightning Rods) when the player's Sanity drops below 65%. It cannot attack or be attacked, and will disappear when a player stands on its eyes or when dawn breaks.

In Don't Starve Together, the Ancient Fuelweaver's Mind Control attack consists of several Shadow Watchers crowding onto the insane player's screen and preventing them from moving.

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  • Shadow Creatures make several appearances throughout the William Carter Puzzles.
    • There is a Shadow Watcher in the source code of the fourth and the sixth puzzles. This is the only time a Shadow Watcher is pictured with an end to its body, which resembles that of a Ghost.
    • In the animation found in the eighth puzzle, The Amazing Maxwell - The Final Act, a Shadow Watcher appears on screen just before Maxwell and Charlie are grabbed by the Codex Umbra.
    • A Shadow Watcher also appears in one of the final images of the eighth puzzle where it can be seen in the ruined apartment that belonged to Maxwell.
  • A photo of a person standing next a Shadow Watcher can be seen hanging on the wall of George T. Witherstone's apartment, as seen in the animated short C'est La Vie.
  • Multiple instances of Shadow Watcher appear to be terrorizing Wanda throughout the animated short Animated_Shorts_and_Trailers#Long_Shadows Long Shadows.

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  • A Shadow Watcher will disappear a few seconds after day breaks.
  • When a Shadow Watcher appears on snow or a light background, it may be seen as just an outline.

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