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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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Bees got no business getting that big.


The Bee Queen is a Boss Monster exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. She has the appearance of a gigantic Bee with two large wings, a stinger, black and yellow stripes on her thorax and a beehive on her abdomen. The Bee Queen is spawned after a Gigantic Beehive is Hammered sufficiently. She will emerge from the hive, leaving a honey blotch behind. She immediately spawns Grumble Bees, and will auto-target any player that approaches.

If left alone long enough without being attacked, the Bee Queen will return to her patch and replant herself. The Gigantic Beehive can be immediately hammered again to respawn her.

Upon death, the Bee Queen drops 3-4 Honey, 1-2 Honeycomb, 1 Stinger, 6-7 Royal Jelly, a Bee Queen Crown, and the rare Blueprint for Bundling Wraps.

The Bee Queen deals 10 more damage to Walter due to his allergy to bees.

Brain.png Behavior

She attacks by initially spawning 4-5 Grumble Bees at a time. Grumble Bees attack the player, with the Bee Queen in pursuit. In close range, the Bee Queen can stab the player with her stinger, dealing 60 damage. Since she is considered a bee, the damage she deals is reduced by a Beekeeper Hat.

The amount of Grumble Bees she spawns will increase as her health decreases, reaching up to 8 at a time in the second half of the fight. She will additionally start boosting her minions by screeching. Boosted Grumble Bees attack much faster and are challenging to kite in larger groups.

At 100% to 75% health (22500 to 16875 hp), she spawns a first batch of Grumble Bees. During this part of the fight, only 3 to 6 bees can be present at a time (unless the Bee Queen strays too far from her current bees). Between 75% to 50% health (16875 to 11250 hp), she will spawn another batch of bees, increasing the number of grumble bees to 6 to 9. From 50% to 25% health (11250 to 5625 hp), she will begin screeching. The screeches in this phase usually don't happen so frequently, appearing to be around 30 seconds. The number of minion bees still stays at 6-9. Below 25% health (5625 to 0 hp), she will screech almost constantly, with a time of around 5 seconds before each bout. She will attempt to melee the player with her stinger more frequently while screeching, and the number of minion bees stays at 6-9.

Below is the number of hits it takes with each weapon to kill a Bee Queen when playing with characters with a default damage modifier. The Weather Pain is not included due to the random nature of its projectile.

Number of Hits
Item Bee Queen.png
Old Bell.png Reign of Giants icon.png 23 0 0
Obsidian Coconade.png Shipwrecked icon.png 67 0 0
Coconade.png Shipwrecked icon.png Hamlet icon.png 90 0 0
Spear Gun Obsidian.png Shipwrecked icon.png 111 - 148 Charged.png 0 - 0 Charged.png 0 - 0 Charged.png
113 0 0
Bee Mine.png ≥141 ≥0 ≥0
Spear Gun Battle.png Shipwrecked icon.png 142 as Wigfrid Portrait.png 0 as Wigfrid Portrait.png 0 as Wigfrid Portrait.png
Spear Gun Spear.png Spear Gun Poison.png Shipwrecked icon.png 221 0 0
Obsidian Spear.png Shipwrecked icon.png 221 - 442 0 - 0 0 - 0
Blow Dart.png 225 0 0
Electric Dart.png Don't Starve Together icon.png 250 (150 Wettargetdamage.png) 0 (0 Wettargetdamage.png) 0 (0 Wettargetdamage.png)
Dark Sword.png
Glass Cutter.png Don't Starve Together icon.png
331 0 0
Cutlass Supreme.png Shipwrecked icon.pngHamlet icon.png 331 0 0
Tooth Trap.png 375 0 0
Pew-matic Horn.png Hamlet icon.png 662, 500 or 375 0, 0 or 0 0, 0 or 0
Thulecite Club.png 379 0 0
Ham Bat.png 379 - 757 0 - 0 0 - 0
Obsidian Axe.png Shipwrecked icon.png 414 - 828 - Charged.png 0 - 0 - Charged.png 0 - 0 - Charged.png
Tentacle Spike.png

Cursed Rounds.png Marbles.pngDon't Starve Together icon.png

442 0 0
Slurtle Slime.png 450 0 0
Halberd.png Hamlet icon.png 510 0 0
Morning Star.png Reign of Giants icon.png 520 (312 Wettargetdamage.png) 0 (0 Wettargetdamage.png) 0 (0 Wettargetdamage.png)
Bat Bat.png
Battle Spear.png Reign of Giants icon.png
530 0 0
Bramble Trap.png Don't Starve Together icon.png 563 0 0

Moon Glass Axe.png Gold Rounds.png Don't Starve Together icon.png

662 0 0
Trident.png Shipwrecked icon.png 662 (221 Toy Boat.png) 0 (0 Toy Boat.png) 0 (0 Toy Boat.png)
PickSlashAxe.png 736 0 0
Machete.png Shipwrecked icon.png Hamlet icon.png 753 0 0
Boomerang.png Axe.png Pickaxe.png Brush.png

Tail o' Three Cats.png Malbatross Bill.png Bull Kelp Stalk.png Don't Starve Together icon.png

828 0 0
Stalking Stick.png Hamlet icon.png 1103 0 0
Eyeshot.png Shipwrecked icon.png 1125 0 0
Saddlehorn.png Hammer.png Pitchfork.png Shovel.png Walking Cane.png Willow's Lighter.png Torch.png

Whirly Fan.png Driftwood Oar.png Oar.png Slow-Down Rounds.png Pebbles.png Don't Starve Together icon.png

1324 0 0
Lucy the Axe.png 1655 0 0
Bug Net.png Fishing Rod.png
5295 0 0

It takes 5 blasts to freeze a Bee Queen with an Ice Staff. It takes 5 Sleep Darts to put Bee Queen to sleep.

Tentacle Spike.png Strategy

One of the most common, yet also very resource expensive tactics used to defeat the Bee Queen, is to construct around 20-30 Rabbit Hutches. The player(s) can construct them near the Gigantic Beehive so that the Bunnymen can engage on Bee Queen's awakening. The player should equip them with at least 15 Beekeeper Hats to significantly reduce the damage they are going to take. The Bunnymen will help take out the Grumble Bee minions allowing for the attackers to take focus on the Bee Queen herself. If using this tactic, one must be sure to bring healing items that are not meat, such as Blue Caps, as otherwise the Bunnymen are going to attack the players with said items in the inventory.

A more classic and simple way to deal with the Bee Queen is to use two or more Pan Flutes along with a classic equipment to sleep the Bee Queen and the Grumble Bees when enraged, and then completely focus on the main target while landing hits. This method is particularly effective in cases where there are several players that can sustain the fight fairly easily dealing heavy damage per second, especially for characters specialized in combat, such as Wolfgang or Wigfrid.

If a player in the server is playing as Wendy, Abigail's area attack can deal with the Grumble Bees effectively. The player might want to use the Nightshade Nostrum elixir (crafted exclusively by Wendy) on Abigail or fight during night, preferably during Winter, if the player wishes to use other elixirs and retain Abigail's damage. Wendy players should be careful to heal Abigail throughout the fight while earning time to deal damage to the main target.

Alternatively, if a player is playing Wormwood, Bramble Husks are similarly effective against the Grumble Bees, and have the same armor stats as a Log Suit. Wormwood's ability to make Living Logs makes them relatively easy to produce in bulk, allowing everyone in the fighting party to have access to them to deal large amounts of recoil damage.

Like against other bosses, it's recommended to bring several armor pieces to mitigate most of the damage taken from both the Bee Queen and the Grumble Bees, since it can be difficult to kite in this fight in particular, hence tanking damage can be more beneficial. It is recommended to wear the Beekeeper Hat as it provides the same amount of defense as a Football Helmet while having more than triple the durability. In addition, the player is advised to bring a Walking Cane in order to chase the Bee Queen and/or evade Grumble Bees attacks with more ease.

Honey.png Honey Trail

Her attacks spawn honey at where attack location for a short amount of time that can slow players movement speed. Because of this, players should avoid going back to the same location after each dodge, instead, go back to a slightly different spot.

She also leaves behind a trail of honey as she moves that slows down the player if they run on it, making it potentially difficult to chase her directly. The honey will eventually disperse in a short time.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Bee Queen was introduced in the Cute Fuzzy Animals update.
  • The Bee Queen is the second boss to have her own battle music, the first being Toadstool. Her first battle song later became Dragonfly's, a second song was later added just for her.
  • Her screech attack will scare Pigs.
  • Bee Queen and her Grumble Bees appear to follow blooming Wormwood's flower trail.

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Gramophone.png Sounds

The Bee Queen's battle theme.