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Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.png

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Flup you.


The Eyeshot is a ranged weapon exclusive to the Shipwrecked DLC. It is dropped by Flups and is similar to a Blow Dart, except that it only deals 20 damage instead of 100 for characters with no damage modifiers. Since the damage is lower than a Bird's health, birds will be stunned when hit with an Eyeshot, making it useful for capturing birds if one lacks a Bird Trap or the materials for one. Each Eyeshot can be used only once.

Prototype.png Tips

  • If the goal is to capture a bird alive, players should be cautious if they have more than one Eyeshot available in the inventory. If the player clicks on a stunned bird while Eyeshot is equipped, their character will take another shot, which will kill the bird.
  • Wigfrid and Wolfgang in his mighty form cannot stun birds with the Eyeshot - due to their damage modifiers, the bird will be killed instead.