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The Machete is a tool introduced in the Shipwrecked DLC. It is used to hack Bamboo Patches, Viney Bushes, and Coconuts. The Machete also can be used as a weapon, dealing 29.92 damage per swing. It has 100 uses regardless of how it is used. It can be crafted right from the start with 1 Twig and 3 Flint.

Luxury Machete

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The Luxury Machete is a version of Machete that can be crafted using Gold Nuggets instead of Flint, making it easily renewable. It requires 4 Twigs and 2 Gold Nuggets to craft, and an Alchemy Engine to prototype. It has 400 uses, 4 times as much as the regular Machete. Similar to Machete, Luxury Machete deals 29.92 damage per swing when used as a weapon.

Obsidian Machete

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A fire machete is a girl's best friend!


The Obsidian Machete is a Machete that has been upgraded with Obsidian. It requires 1 Machete, 1 Dragoon Heart and 3 Obsidian to craft. It can also be found in X Marks the Spot treasure chests. Like all items in the Volcanic Tab, it cannot be prototyped and the player must be wearing a Brain of Thought or be near an Obsidian Workbench to craft it again.

The Obsidian Machete has 250 uses, 2.5x as much as the regular Machete, and works 2.5 times more efficiently than its normal counterpart. Initially, the Obsidian Machete deals 29.92 per swing when used as a weapon, similar to Machete and Luxury Machete. As the Obsidian Machete is used (either as a tool or a weapon), its charge level will increase causing it to deal up to 2x damage based on the number of charges. As the charge level increases, the Obsidian Machete will also produce heat and light, which protects the players from Charlie, but can rapidly cause Overheating if it is unequipped. After gaining 75 charges, it will start igniting any Mobs and Plants struck. The charge level decrease over time as long as the machete isn't used. Obsidian Machete will not gain any charges during Hurricane Season. Similar to Thermal Stone, the machete will start glowing as it gains charges.

Players should take caution when using an Obsidian Machete with high levels of charge, as any plants ignited by the Obsidian Machete can potentially ignite other nearby trees, resources or Structures. When using this item as a weapon, players should remember that the Mobs that are killed while on fire will drop cooked variants of the food items and Ashes for flammable resources they would otherwise drop. Some Mobs will also panic when on fire, running in random directions, potentially igniting other mobs, resources or Structures around them.

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In the Hamlet DLC, Machetes are also frequently used, and one can be found at the Crashed Balloon marking the player's spawn point. They can be used to cut down Tall Grass, Tuber Trees and vines blocking Ruinous Entrances and doorways in the Ancient Pig Ruins. Regular Machetes are sold at the Pigg and Pigglet's General Store for 5 Oincs. Luxury Machetes can also be prototyped and crafted, although Obsidian Machetes can not be acquired unless the player brings them over from a Shipwrecked world.

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