Tree Jam

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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Glurph. Put all over face and didn't grow any bigger!


Grows trees up one stage. Can also restore 8 Growth Formula, 32 Compost and 8 Manure to Farm Soil.

Used on Wormwood will heal 2 Health and 1 Health a second for 32 seconds.

-Scrapbook Description

Tree Jam is an item exclusive to Don't Starve Together and introduced in the Waterlogged beta.

It is crafted using two Figs and a Glommer's Goop. It can be used to enrich Knobbly Trees to eventually turn them into Above-Average Tree Trunks, and can also be used on any Tree to instantly grow it by one stage. It can also serve as Fertilizer, restoring 8 Growth Formula, 32 Compost, and 8 Manure to farm soil. Wormwood can fertilize himself with it to heal 2 + 32 (over 32 sec) health, and trigger his blooming. Additionally, it can seal the leak on a Boat without leaving any patch, doing so will also repair 20 Boat Meter (DST).png for Boat.


  • Tree Jam is the only way to completely remove leaks on a boat, as Wavey Jones will attempt to remove Boat Patches and Trusty Tapes at 25% Sanity.
  • Knobbly Trees not fully grown after sprouting from a Knobbly Seed will advance their growth as well, rather than be enriched. To avoid the potential waste of a Tree Jam, make sure that the Knobbly Tree is at its final stage before attempting to enrich it.