Phobic Experiment

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: Hallowed Nights icon.png Hallowed Nights

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The Phobic Experiment is a feature exclusive to the Hallowed Nights event in Don't Starve Together. It can be conducted at the Mad Scientist Lab, using Frog Legs and a Gold Nugget, and depleting 10 Sanity Meter.png for the player. The experiment has a 66% chance to result in a Brew of Phobic Abatement and a 33% to result in a Brew of Phobic Abrogation.

Consuming the Brews protects the players from Sanity loss caused by totally normal bats spawned by chopping Trees or opening Chests for a limited period of time. The small Brew's effects last 4 minutes, while the large Brew's effects last 6 minutes. Both of them can also be used as Fire Fuel.

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  • The Mad Scientist Lab and all related craftable Items were introduced to the Hallowed Nights event in 2018.

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