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It's a shovel. Surely you've seen one before?


The Shovel is a Tool that can be used to dig up Plants and other objects in the Don't Starve world. It requires 2 Twigs and 2 Flint to craft and a Science Machine to prototype. It has 25 uses, and each use will take 4% of its durability. Shovel can also be used as a weapon, dealing 17 damage per strike. Each hit as a weapon will consume one use.

Icon Tools.png Usage

To dig up an item with the Shovel, right-click it from the inventory to equip it and right-click on the object. The player will dig up the object and an item will appear on the ground.

Shovels can be used to dig up Plants such as Berry Bushes, Grass, and Saplings in order to replant them in a more desirable location (usually closer to a base camp).

Shovels can also uproot Tree stumps for 1 Log, regardless of their size, and chopped Mushtrees, also for 1 Log. They can dig up Rabbit Holes, but doing so will permanently remove the hole and prevent any more rabbits from spawning at that particular spot. Additionally, the Shovel can be used to dig up Graves to acquire Gravedigger Items at the cost of -10 Sanity per Grave dug.

The digging animation for the Shovel can be cut short by moving after the player digs up anything. This speeds up the process of mass-clearing objects when holding spacebar.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Shovel was added in the Turf! update. Shovels were previously used to dig up Turf, but this is now done by the Pitchfork.
  • The Shovel used to cost 30 Science Points to craft and had a value of 1-10 Science Points, depending on its durability, while the Regal Shovel used to cost 200 Science Points to craft and had a value of 1-35 Science Points.

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