Magician's Chest

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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If you're worried about getting stuck inside, don't rummage through my things.


The Magician's Chest is a unique Maxwell building added in Don't Starve Together. Crafted from Silk, Boards, and Nightmare Fuel in structure and Maxwell filters.

The Magician's Chest gives the characters access to the shadow dimension, which has an inventory of 12 slots. In addition, things can be put into and taken from the shadow dimension through the Magician's Top Hat, other Magician's Chests, and Shadow Chester. Edible items in the shadow dimension rot 1.5 times faster. The Magician's Chest cannot store irreplaceable items. If the container is lost (cylinder wear, cabinet burning or destruction, death of Shadow Chester), the items remain in the shadow dimension, in order to gain access to them again, a player must build another container with access to the shadow dimension. There can only be one shadow dimension per server: one on the Surface, one in Caves (due to Caves being a separate server).

Unlike the Magician's Top Hat, the Magician's Chest can be used by all characters.

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