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The Portasol is an item that can be crafted and used only by Winona with the "Founder's Keepers II" skill. Winona can get the recipe if you use the Calibrated Perceiver on one of the Unstable Transmissions. It will lose energy after every teleport (7%) and while equipped in hand. The Portasol restores its charge when dropped near Winona's Generator or Winona's G.E.M.erator.

Although only Winona with the "Founder's Keepers II" skill can teleport with it, any character can equip the Portasol for its 35% Wetness protection and Lightning protection.

Winona players with "Founder's Keepers II" skill can use Portasol to teleport to the nearest powered Teletransport Station. If there is more than one Teletransport Station, using the Portasol while standing on one of Teletransport Stations will teleport to the other nearest Teletransport Station. Unlike Wanda's Backtrek Watch, Winona cannot teleport between shards (i.e. across Surface World and Caves).

When a player is teleporting, it can teleport dropped items and mobs (that can be put in the player's inventory) that are very close to them. The player can also teleport while sitting on a Beefalo.

Quick Charge.png Quick Charge

Portasol dropped next to Winona's Generator or Winona's G.E.M.erator placed by Winona with "Quick Charge" skill will charge 100% faster.


  • Unlike its Hamlet version(Telebrella), it has infinite range.
  • When there is no powered Teletransport Station in the world, teleporting with Portasol will make Winona disappear and reappear at the same spot. This can be used to dodge some attacks.