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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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My trusty-dusty, handy and dandy, Pew-matic Horn.


The Pew-matic Horn is a Range Weapon item exclusive to Wheeler from the Hamlet DLC. It can be loaded with almost any item in the game, but one can only put one kind of item at a time, with no limit to stack amount. The amount of damage depends on the item. The item is destroyed upon shooting.

Item Damage Attack Range Hit Range
Items which can equip Gears.png Purple Gem.png Blue Gem.png Red Gem.png Orange Gem.png Yellow Gem.png Green Gem.png Tenpiece Oinc.png Centapiece Oinc.png Nightmare Fuel.png Gunpowder.png Lost Idol.png Lost Totem.png Relic Fragment.png The Blue Sow.png The Jeweled Truffle.png 60 11 13
Items that are neither alive nor irreplaceable 45 9 11
Jet Feather.png Crimson Feather.png Azure Feather.png Thunder Feather.png Ashes.png Beard Hair.png Beefalo Wool.png Butterfly Wings.png Clippings.png Cut Grass.png Cut Reeds.png Foliage.png Palm Leaf.png Papyrus.png Petals.png Dark Petals.png Pig Skin.png Silk.png Seaweed.png 34 7 9

Prototype.png Tips

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • "Pew-matic" is a pun of the word pneumatic, which would be in reference to the type of air horn the Pew-matic is based on, and the "Pew" noise it makes when fired. This is supported by Wickerbottom using the word "pneumatic" in reference to it.
  • The Pew-matic Horn is one of three weapons that can be loaded by items, the others being Spear Gun and Blunderbuss.
  • The Pew-matic Horn used to have 17, 34 or 37 damage and it could only be loaded with one item at a maximum stack size of 6 and accept items that can stack to 40. It also used to have 50, 75 or 100 damage.
  • The Pew-Matic Horn is featured as a Ranged weapon in Terraria as a part of the "An Eye For An Eye" crossover event.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • If the player tries to load the Pew-matic Horn by right-clicking on it while it is in the inventory, and the Pew-matic Horn is already holding a full stack of the item the player is trying to load the Pew-matic Horn with, a stack of 0 of the items that were trying to be loaded into the horn will fall out of the player. This can cause save corruption if a 0 stack is merged with a regular item stack.

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