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Gotta hold it with my sleeve so my hands don't get cold.


Creates a Polar Light.

-Scrapbook Description

The Moon Caller's Staff is a Don't Starve Together exclusive Item, introduced in A New Reign. It acts similarly to the Star Caller's Staff, with the difference of having 50 uses and creating a Polar Light, that lasts 2 Days and cools the players down, as opposed to warming them like the Dwarf Star. If a Deconstruction Staff is used to break this staff, it will drop 4 Nightmare Fuel, 2 Living Logs and an Iridescent Gem.

The Moon Caller's Staff cannot be crafted. Instead, one must place a Star Caller's Staff on a Moon Stone during a Full Moon, after which it will immediately start turning into a Moon Caller's Staff. Two complete time segments (60 seconds) are needed for the transformation to be completed. Also note that this will also start spawning multiple Werepigs and Hounds which will automatically target the Moon Stone and attempt to destroy it in order to stop the transformation progress. Using a nearly depleted Star Caller's Staff will still create a Moon Caller's Staff at full Durability. Creating a Moon Caller's staff in this way, and subsequently using a Deconstruction Staff on it, is the only way to obtain a third Iridescent Gem to place in the Archive Switch besides using Wilson's alchemy.

A Moon Caller's Staff left in a Moon Stone will constantly generate chilling Polar Light with no added wear on the staff. Haunting a Moon Caller's Staff has a chance to activate it.

Polar Light

Waxwell Portrait.png
An impressively condensed point of freezing magic.

Maxwell, when examining a Polar Light.

The Polar Light appears by using the Moon Caller's Staff. It provides light and Cold in a large radius during 2 days. Haunting a Polar Light will extinguish it.

Prototype.png Tips

  • A single Moon Caller's Staff can keep players cool through about 6 Summers at the cost of sanity. This, along with the fact that it's portable, makes the Moon Caller's Staff a great asset to players during summer.
  • A Moon Caller's Staff placed in the Moon Stone will create a permanent Polar Light. This will not decrease the staff's durability.
  • Care should be taken around the Polar Light, as it can easily cause freezing, even in Summer.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The gem at the end of the staff appears to be an opal, having a white hue with a colorful tint. This is also indicated by the staff's spawn code.
  • The Moon Caller's Staff was added in the A Little Fixer Upper update.
  • According to Willow, Winona, Wortox, and Wormwood, the Moon Caller's Staff itself radiates cold.
  • Previously, the description of the Moon Caller's Staff in Scrapbook was: "Creates a polar light the cools survivors and gives light for 2 day."

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