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It döes have admirable armör.


A Cactus is a form of flora from the Reign of Giants DLC found only in the Desert biome. Cactus Flesh can be harvested from the Cactus at the cost of 6 Health. Wearing armor will decrease the amount of damage taken. When harvested it will drop Cactus Flesh during any season, but only in Summer will it drop its Flower.

Cacti cannot be dug up with a Shovel. The player will have to wait for them to regrow in 4 (3 during Spring) days to be able to harvest them again. Unlike most other plants, Cacti can grow back during winter, unaffected by the cold. Therefore, Cactus Flesh can be easily farmed and used in lieu of farmed vegetables during Winter.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Wearing a Bramble Husk in Reign of Giants will allow the player to pick the cacti with no health loss, and also no damage to the armor itself. This makes Wormwood an effective Cactus farmer.
  • The Health lost is mostly negated by using a Football Helmet or Log Suit. With either of these equipped when picking the cactus, one takes only 2 damage and eating the cooked flesh will reduce this to 1.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Although there appears to be a dug up version shown in image files, there is currently no known way to dig one up.
  • The Cactus is modeled after the typical Barrel Cactus.
  • The Oasis Cactus variant was introduced in the Against the Grain update.
  • Since the update The Curse of Moon Quay, Cacti are now renewable due to regrowth.

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