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A New Reign, previously known as Through the Ages, is a free Don't Starve Together expansion. It was distributed as an "Update Chain", meant to add game changing features, like Reign of Giants and Shipwrecked did to Don't Starve. Similar to the latter, A New Reign started as a beta.

Between August 2016 and March 2017, Don't Starve Together received an update every 3 weeks, adding new content into the beta branch. Once stable, this content was added to the main version, becoming official. It then became inseparable from the original game.

A New Reign Update
Update Beta Release Date Release Date
East or West, Base is Best August 11, 2016 October 19, 2016
A Little Fixer Upper September 1, 2016 October 19, 2016[1]
Warts and All September 23, 2016 November 25, 2016
Arts and Crafts October 13, 2016 November 25, 2016
Cute Fuzzy Animals November 3, 2016 November 25, 2016[2]
Herd Mentality November 24, 2016 December 15, 2016
Against the Grain February 2, 2017 April 7, 2017
Heart of the Ruins February 23, 2017 April 7, 2017[3]

A New Reign was followed by a similar series of updates called Return of Them starting in 2019.

Official Description

A New Reign: Part 1

The shadow queen Charlie has begun to make her mark on the Don't Starve world, and her influence is manifesting in new and mysterious ways. What is her plan for Wilson and the survivors? Will she aid them in their fight for survival, or does she have something more dastardly in store?

A New Reign: Part 2

Charlie the shadow queen has been plotting dark new challenges for Wilson and his fellow survivors from her umbral throneroom, and she’s ready to unleash her latest creations on the world of Don’t Starve Together!


The reign of the new shadow queen has swept across the land of Don't Starve Together and now creeps deep into the bowels of the earth. What ancient secrets will be dredged up by Charlie's dark machinations, and what purpose does she have in mind for the formidable being at the center of the Ruins?


The content pack was officially announced for late Spring 2015,[4] but its development had to be pulled back as the developers had issues implementing the Caves and Reign of Giants content into the game.[5][6] This explains why some of its features were released a long time before being announced as part of it, like Beefalo Domestication and Disease. The expansion was renamed to A New Reign on August 8, 2016.[7]


Below are the features included in A New Reign.

The features marked with Don't Starve icon.png were later introduced to the singleplayer version of Don't Starve in the Quality of Life update.

Resource Variants

Berry Bushes, Grass Tufts, and Saplings each have an alternate form (Juicy Berry Bushes, Grass Gekkos, and Twiggy Trees, respectively). The alternate forms can co-exist with normal forms, providing additional methods of obtaining the respective resource, or an alternative resource in the case of Juicy Berry Bushes.





Boss Monsters


Tweaks/Changes to existing content

  • A New Reign introduced different Map icons for Don't Starve icon.png regular and Gold Vein Boulders Don't Starve icon.png, as well as icons for chopped or burnt Trees.
  • The Compass can now be used to reveal the global positions of several players on the map if all of them hold one equipped, even if they are far away from each other.
  • The Resource Swapping System previously implemented in the game has been removed. All available resource variants, such as Saplings and Twiggy Trees, can now co-exist in the same world. They will either be generated at world start or will slowly be brought in by World Regrowth. Grass Gekkos now have a chance to be spawned after harvesting or digging up Grass Tufts.

Version History

December 21, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 210220

  • Fixed bug where Players could still attack while heavy lifting.
  • Fixed UI bugs where some buttons could slowly drift out of position when dragging the mouse cursor off of them.
  • Improved error handling for RPC calls made with invalid parameters.

December 19, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 200943

  • Added missing Clothing Items.
  • Fix bug where Klaus’ Deer could sometimes spawn in the ocean.
  • Fixed ambiguous controller prompts for Shave actions targeting creatures vs. yourself.

December 16, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 200886

  • Applied Horticulture will now work on Winter’s Feast Trees.
  • Maxwell’s Shadow Minions will no longer chop Winter’s Feast Trees.
  • Increased range at which Salt Licks can be used again by creatures that have recently used one.
  • Fixed bug where domesticated Beefalo fail to become Feral when attacked by Players.
  • Fixed bug where Pudgy domesticated Beefalo did not lose their sanity aura when becoming Feral.
  • Fixed bug where players become permanently charred after burning to death more than once.
  • Fixed bug where Spiders can fall asleep while frozen.

December 15, 2016 - Winter's Feast

Rev. 200740

December 15th Update Poster.


  • Encounter new majestic seasonal Deer herds.
  • Share presents with friends by wrapping items in fancy Gift Wrap.
  • Build your own Festive Tree Planter to grow and decorate a Winter’s Feast Tree.
  • Test your holiday mettle against Klaus and his minions for rare and valuable loot.
  • And more secrets to discover!

Bug Fixes

  • Beefalo no longer lose domestication when they are asleep.
  • Salt Licks are no longer depleted by creatures that are asleep or frozen.
  • Increased range at which Salt Licks can be used off-screen.
  • Reduced amount of fuel consumed whenever objects like Torches and Lighters are turned on, now scaled according to their actual fuel consumption rates.
  • Using a Fire Staff to burn non-combat entities will no longer trigger battle theme music.
  • Fixed save/load bug with explosive entities that have been set on fire and then extinguished.

December 12, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 200284

  • Festive Tree Planter recipe can now be found under the Structures tab, next to the Potted Fern recipe. 
  • Deer will now appear on the first day if Winter is set as the Starting Season. 
  • Fixed crash sometimes when Krampus fails to spawn properly. 
  • Fixed duplicated tail animations when carrying heavy objects. 
  • Fixed animation glitch sometimes when Wendy tries to eat Eternal Fruitcake. 
  • Fixed animation glitch when hammering a Crock Pot with food in it. 
  • Fixed bug where players were unable to hammer the Gigantic Hive when using a controller.

December 10, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 200113

  • Festive Lights last longer and only deplete while in use. (e.g. Placed on a Winter’s Feast Tree or dropped onto the ground.)
  • Reduced chance for Blueprints to drop from Klaus’ Loot Stash.
  • Fixed bug where Plant action still appears for burnt Festive Tree Planters.
  • Fixed bug where Pig Houses near a Moon Stone can sometimes become abandoned indefinitely.
  • Telelocator Focus now properly saves its orientation.

December 9, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 200096

  • Updated sound effects for Klaus.
  • Backpacks and the Winter’s Feast Tree can now be open at the same time.
  • Festive Lights can now tint (but not blink) Glowcaps.
  • Fixed save/load issues with Festive Lights placed on a Winter’s Feast Tree.
  • Fixed bug with Festive Tree Planters becoming invisible when burnt.
  • Fixed bug where some of Toadstool’s attacks failed to damage Treeguards.
  • Fixed bug where Polar Light was not removed from a destroyed Moon Stone.
  • Fixed animation glitch with some Torch and summer particle effects.
  • Fixed animation glitch when Wendy tries to eat Eternal Fruitcake.
  • Fixed animation glitch when Players resurrect using a Life Giving Amulet.
  • Fixed animation glitch when Players are hurt by Darkness.
  • Fixed animation glitch when using Snurtle Shell Armor while wearing a hat.
  • Modders: the ANR Silhouettes have moved to their own texture.

December 8, 2016 - Winter's Feast Sneak Preview

Rev. 199914

December 8th Update Poster.

Welcome to the Winter's Feast Beta update! This is a sneak preview of the upcoming special event content before the full update and key features are announced and released to the Live branch. Stay tuned for more information next week, and a special thanks to everyone participating in the Beta branch testing and bug reporting!

  • Fixed bug where incorrect stack sizes are sometimes shown on the loot from killing stacks of Butterflies or Bees.

November 29, 2016 - Hotfix 

Rev. 198584

  • Fixed crash sometimes when Players disconnect while Critters are interacting with each other. 

November 28, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 198494

  • Fixed animation sorting issues with Mini Signs and Treasure Chests.
  • Fixed crash with some mods due to deprecated MakeDragonflyBait calls (no longer used in DST).
  • Adjusted tuning for Critter Traits.
  • Food spoilage and Crock Pot foods will now affect Critter Traits when feeding your pet.

November 25, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 198311

  • Added inspection strings for Mini Signs, Bundled Supplies, Bundling Wrap, Wax Paper, Beeswax, No-Eyed Deers, and Bee Queen Crown.
  • Fixed “Mini Sign Sign Sign Sign...etc.” bug.
  • Stacks of insects will now drop correctly when unwrapping Bundled Supplies.
  • Deer spawning is now located in Deciduous Forest or Mosaic biomes.
  • Fixed controller action priorities for Critters.

November 24, 2016 - Herd Mentality

Rev. 198311

November 24th Update Poster, featuring the No-Eyed Deer, Queen Bee Crown, Mini Sign, and Bundling Wrap.


  • Craft Mini Signs and draw an image of a nearby object on them using a Feather Pencil. 
  • Organize, package, or preserve your supplies using craftable Bundling Wraps. 
  • Added new critter behaviors and interactions. 
  • Keep your eyes open for a new seasonal herd of No-Eyed Deers. 
  • Bee Queen now drops a magnificent hat.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where Terrorbeaks could sometimes be hit again after they’ve already teleported away.

November 21, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 197390

  • Fixed bug where wilted Flowers on End Tables did not save properly.
  • Fixed missing Snow animations on Mushroom Planters.
  • Toadstool will no longer target Hutch after all Players are dead.
  • Increased range for Ice Flingomatic range indicator to stay visible while placing other structures or plants.

November 18, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 197291

  • Fixed Wood Gate orientation when placed with controllers.
  • Improved Wood Gate placement logic.
  • Pets no longer block building or placement.
  • Deployment placers are now hidden when the action is not available. (For example, switching to the Repair action when placing Walls.)
  • Ice Flingomatic range indicator will now be visible to players while they are placing other structures or plants.
  • Fixed bug in Wes’ mime animations while mounted.
  • Fixed animation bug when Scarecrow wears long gloves.

November 17, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 197150

  • Increased Glowcap Blueprint drop rate to 33%.
  • Improved Dragonfly targeting behaviour.
  • Improved Wood Gate and Wood Fence placement logic.
  • Note to people using the Geometric Placement mod: If you are having issues placing double Wood Gates, holding Ctrl will use our placement logic.

November 15, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 196865

  • Improved Wood Gate alignment with Fences and Walls.
  • Fixed bug where rotation on clients was not working correctly when placing Wood Gates on clients.
  • Fixed bug where burnt End Tables could still be decorated.
  • Fixed a glitch in Kittykit’s idle animation loop.
  • Fixed bug where some Vargling sounds could still be heard when volume is set to 0.

November 14, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 196704

  • Fixed orientation bug when Wood Doors are placed side by side.
  • Wood Doors placed side by side will now open together.
  • Pets will become less needy overtime if they are often fed properly.
  • Pets will space out their cute idle animations more appropriately.
  • Improved Bee Queen targeting logic.
  • Bee Queen now has an insanity aura while channeling to command her Grumble Bees.
  • Fixed issue where Dragonfly sometimes gets stuck trying to reach Magma to spawn Lavae.
  • Fixed bug where Toadstool Minimap icons near an Ocuvigil sometimes did not update.
  • Fixed spawn effect position for flying pets.
  • Fixed animation bug when holding a Lantern while groggy.
  • Fixed save issue with burnt Salt Licks.

November 11, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 196500

  • Glow Berry effects will now save properly on pets.
  • Updated Wood Gate art to appear as a double gate when placed side by side.
  • Updated sounds for Vargling.
  • Added sound effects for Bee Queen’s sticky honey trail.
  • Improved Bee Queen’s targeting behaviour.
  • Added mod release id: R04_ANR_CUTEFUZZYANIMALS

November 11, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 196341

  • Increased Bee Queen health and number of Grumble Bees.
  • Bee Queen leaves a trail of sticky honey that slows ground movement speed.
  • Updated sounds for Ewelet.
  • Fixed bug where Sporecaps can fail to grow even while Toadstool is channeling.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when Dragonfly resets.
  • Fixed bug where the Heal action appears for Fences.

November 8, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 196191

  • Removed the green inventory backing for some non-perishable food items.
  • Added sounds for Broodling and Glomglom.
  • Reduced the cost for the Wood Gate recipe.
  • Reduced the rate of growing Marble Shrubs.
  • Retuned Bee Queen and Grumble Bees.
  • Beekeeper Hat now provides minor stun-lock protection against Grumble Bees.
  • Reduced Jellybeans buff strength, which no longer stacks.
  • Added animations to show the different states of the Gigantic Beehive.

November 4, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 195859

  • Added new battle music for Bee Queen.
  • Beekeeper Hat now works against Bee Queen attacks.
  • Increased durability of Beekeeper Hat.
  • Reduced attack range of Bees and Mosquitos.
  • Adjusted Royal Jelly food values.
  • Eating multiple Jellybeans will now extend the duration of its effects with diminishing returns.
  • Jellybeans no longer spoil.
  • Icons for food items that do not spoil (such as candy) will now always have a full green background.
  • Note for modders: stewer component now supports products that do not perish (set the food’s perishtime to nil).
  • Opal Staff placed in the Moon Stone will properly give off a sanity aura.
  • Hammering a Wood Gate will now return correct resources.
  • Increased priority and reduced range on using spacebar to open Gates.
  • Fixed action string for closing Gates.
  • Fixed targeting issues when using a controller.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when a Player dies with the Jellybean buff still active.
  • Fixed crash when decorating the End Table with a Lesser Glow Berry.

November 3, 2016 - Cute Fuzzy Animals

Rev. 195725

November 3, 2016 Update Poster, featuring the Bee Queen, Wood Fences, Marble Shrubs and Critters.


  • Look for the Rock Den to pick up your pet!
  • Added the Bee Queen and her Grumble Bee guardians.
  • Added Fences and Gates.
  • Added growable Marble Shrubs.
  • End Tables can now be decorated with fresh flower arrangements.
  • Friendly Scarecrow can now be dressed up.
  • Improved deploy action range to help with placing walls.
  • Improved auto-attack targeting to help reduce unintentional target switching.
  • Doubled drop rate for Glowcap Blueprint.
  • Optimizations for Mushtrees that are off-screen.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug where some special event content was still generated even when “Events” world customization was set to None.
  • Fixed bug where Batilisks would often appear momentarily whenever a Player exits the Caves during daytime.
  • Fixed constant health loss sound when Wolfgang has health penalty after reviving.
  • Fixed bugs causing Dragonfly to sometimes get stuck after sleeping.

October 25, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 194420

  • Fix crash caused by burnt Mushroom Planters.
  • Moon Caller’s Staff now has a Polar Light while planted in the Moon Stone.

October 24, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 194314

  • Players can now perform actions such as refueling or repairing items in their inventory while mounted.
  • Fixed log errors when reloading Worlds with Grass Gekkos that have lost their tails.
  • Fixed crash when interacting with a burnt Potter’s Wheel.
  • Fixed bug with Spacebar failing to target Sculptures with a Hammer.
  • Fixed bug where multiple Toadstools may spawn from chopping a single Toadstool Cap.
  • Fixed bug where Slurtles and Snurtles will steal food from each other.
  • Fixed incorrect animations for Electric Darts.
  • Memory optimizations.

October 21, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 194179

  • Changed Candy Bag recipe to 6 x Cut Grass.
  • Updated Shadow Clockwork sound effects.
  • Added random speech while carrying heavy objects.
  • Fixed bug where followers would sometimes never stop following Players.
  • Fixed bug where Player save data gets corrupted when holding too many Map Scrolls.

October 20, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 194044

  • The Hallowed Nights are upon you.
  • Added sound effects for Shadow Clockworks.
  • Tail o’ Three Cats proc no longer startles Bosses or Shadow Clockworks.
  • Fixed audio bugs with Dragonfly.
  • Fixed some cases where Dragonfly can get stuck while trying to spawn Lavae.
  • Fixed bugs with changing clothes in the Wardrobe.
  • Fixed loot from burnt Trees and Beehives.

October 18, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 193664

  • Chesspiece Sketches and Trinkets will now be added to Grave and Tumbleweed loot tables after the original Sketch is obtained from the repaired Sculptures.
  • Fixed strings for attempting to replenish Mushroom Planters.
  • Fixed animation glitch when traveling to and from Caves while carrying a heavy object.

October 17, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 193468

  • Sculpted Figures can now be carried to and from the Caves. Watch your step!
  • Sketches will no longer drop from your inventory when disconnecting or traveling to and from the Caves.
  • Tumbleweeds now have a chance to drop Pawn, Queenly, and Kingly Sketches.
  • Added new Rook and Knight Trinkets.
  • Chess Trinkets can now be traded to the Pig King for Sketches.
  • Dragonfly pathing is no longer affected by Walls.
  • Disease will neither trigger nor spread off-screen now.
  • Drastically decreased the rate at which disease spreads.
  • Rebalanced Mushroom Planter recipe cost and growth rate.
  • Fixed a bug with Fossil Fragment interactions.
  • Cave Worm Attacks can now be customized in Cave World Settings.
  • Fixed rare crash in mods menu.
  • Fixed a crash with some mods while Small Textures is enabled.
  • Fixed animation layering when carrying a heavy object and wearing a hat while mounted.

October 14, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 193328

  • Retrofitted existing Worlds to guarantee that all Sketches and Fossils are obtainable.
  • New worlds are guaranteed to contain a Maxwell Statue and at least one Clockwork Knight.
  • Abigail will no longer stop following Wendy when hit by a Weather Pain.
  • Scalemail and Thulecite Crown effects no longer trigger when a player’s mount takes damage.
  • Added more Scarecrow faces.
  • Fixed animation glitch when placing a Friendly Scarecrow.
  • Fixed animation glitch when placing Walls.
  • Fixed Mushtree errors sometimes logged during Worldgen.

October 13, 2016 - Arts and Crafts

Rev. 193164

October 14, 2016 Update Poster, featuring Chess Pieces, Fossils, the Moon Dial, and Sculpture crafting.


  • Added a Moon Dial that shows the current moon phase.
  • Added a Potter’s Wheel that can be used to sculpt various artistic objects as you find Sketches of them in the world.
  • Added Mushroom farming.
  • Added Fossil Fragments that can be found in the Caves and reconstructed.
  • Added new music for Toadstool.
  • Added a UI overlay when players are affected by Spore Clouds.
  • Beware the New Moon!

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed scaling on the Rook’s Marble Statue.
  • Fixed various sound bugs with the Scaled Furnace and Glowcap.
  • Fixed minor animation glitch with player emotes.

October 3, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 192051

  • Maxwell’s Shadow Minions will now try to avoid explosives.
  • Fixed bugs with Feather Hat behaviour when used by multiple players.

October 3, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 192061

  • Fixed Toadstool’s targeting behaviour toward small creatures like Bees.
  • Increased Toadstool’s health to 52500.
  • Minor retuning for some of Toadstool’s ability cooldowns.
  • Spore Clouds near Toadstool will disperse upon death to prevent loot drops from rotting.
  • Please note that A New Reign content will now be automatically retrofitted into existing Worlds, but we cannot guarantee that this will be exactly the same as using a new Save Slot to generate a new World.

September 29, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 191863

  • Improved Toadstool’s targeting behavior.
  • Added strings for Pig Men and Bunnymen that are panicking while haunted or scared.

September 28, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 191674

  • Scaled Furnace can now be used to cook food.
  • Maxwell’s Shadow Minions will now try to avoid explosives.
  • Toadstool will become increasingly resistant to sleeping and freezing effects if they are applied repeatedly during battle.
  • Toadstool will use its pound attack more and more frequently as time passes in the final phase of the battle.
  • Fixed bug where Toadstool may sometimes start powering up again right after finishing.

September 27, 2016 - Hotfix


  • Toadstool battle has been retuned:
    • Removed the 5 minute time limit for escaping from battle.
    • Added an escape warning when losing aggro.
    • Removed the 5x vulnerability while powering up.
    • Reduced maximum health by about 5x.
    • Gains additional armor while powered up.
  • Ocuvigil can now be prototyped from a Prestihatitator instead of a Shadow Manipulator.
  • Added sound effects for Scarecrow, Mushlight, and Glowcap.
  • Spores will spoil more slowly while in your inventory or a container.
  • Light sources will now last longer when placed inside to power a Mushlight or Glowcap.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when haunting Blueprints.
  • Fixed rare bug where Dragonfly and Toadstool loot could be lost if the server shuts down during the death animation.
  • Bird Guano and Treeguards will now save their size properly.

September 23, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 191322

  • Scarecrow now shows up properly in the crafting menu.
  • Scaled Furnace Blueprint now drops properly from the Dragonfly.
  • Toadstool will now have a chance to drop Shroom Skins during the battle.
  • Mushlights are now powered by Light Bulbs, and Glowcaps are now powered by Light Bulbs and/or Colored Spores.
  • Fix crash sometimes when exiting the game.
  • Added ReleaseID.R02_ANR_WARTSANDALL for mod compatibility testing

September 23, 2016 - Warts and All

Rev. 191140

September 23, 2016 Update Poster, featuring the Toadstool, Scaled Furnace, Scarecrow, the Canary, and Funcaps.


  • Added the Toadstool boss in the Caves.
  • Added Rare Blueprints to Toadstool and Dragonfly loot tables.
  • Added a craftable Scarecrow and a new species of bird.
  • Lavae spawned by the Dragonfly will now automatically die after a certain time.

Bug Fixes

  • Abigail will no longer target entities that are immune to her aura.
  • Fixed bug where Players are sometimes disconnected when travelling to and from the Caves with a Map Scroll in their inventory.
  • A New Reign content will now be automatically retrofitted into existing Worlds, but we cannot guarantee that this will be exactly the same as using a new Save Slot to generate a new World.

September 14, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 190232

  • Fixed bug causing Abigail to sometimes stop following the player.
  • Fixed bug where Marble Sculptures destroyed by Bearger sometimes did not drop the correct loot.
  • Updated sound effects for the Stagehand, Polar Lights, and Moon Stone interactions.

September 9, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 189826

  • Fixed crash when pets are attacked and killed.
  • Fixed a bug when a player having night vision interacts with the Stagehand.
  • Fixed Mushroom animation glitches on clients.
  • Telelocator Focus can no longer be placed too near the edge of the ground.

September 8, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 189768

  • Fixed some bugs with giants interacting with the Stagehand.
  • Added sounds for Moon Stone interactions.
  • Added sounds for Marble Sculpture interactions.
  • Updated Moon Stone minimap icon.
  • Updated Moonrock Wall animations.
  • Improved Chester’s ability to keep up with players after a server is shutdown and later resumed.

September 7, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 189618

  • Added some effects for Marble Sculpture interactions.
  • Fixed crash sometimes when interacting with Stagehands.
  • Fixed bugs with set piece chest spawns.
  • Improved resolution of Dwarf Star animations.
  • Improved Chester’s ability to keep up with players even when the Eye Bone is in the Backpack.
  • Fixed animation bug when throwing a Boomerang.
  • Fixed bug where players could repeat actions in the dark.

September 2, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 189462

  • Fixed missing animations when talking and performing various actions while carrying a heavy object on a mount.
  • Fixed crash when cancelling writing on a sign.
  • Updated Dwarf Star animations.
  • Fixed missing names for Werepigs found near the Moon Stone.
  • Petrified Werepigs will now remember their names when reanimated.
  • Fixed missing animation when placing a Telelocator Staff into the Moon Stone.
  • Fixed crash caused by Stagehands, and added new interactions.
  • Disease will no longer trigger when there are no players nearby.
  • Fixed an issue affecting some offline dedicated server listings.

September 1, 2016 - A Little Fixer Upper

Rev. 189341

September 1, 2016 Update Poster, featuring Marble Sculptures, a Stagehand, a Moon Caller's Staff and a Cartographer's Desk.


  • Added a new Marble and Moonrock themed set pieces with secrets to uncover. 
  • Added a new magical item, the Moon Caller’s Staff, which must be obtained through world events rather than crafting. 
  • Added a new craftable Cartographer’s Desk which unlocks a crafting station for creating Map Scrolls that can be shared with other players. 
  • Grass Gekkos will once again have a way to be introduced into your world over time even if they did not appear at Worldgen. 
  • Updated the visual patterns and textures for all Moonrock items.

August 25, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 188845

  • Previewed upcoming update
  • Fixed bug where sanity indicator pulses sometimes did not trigger properly on clients. 
  • Burnt Twiggy Trees and Twiggy Tree Stumps will no longer drop twigs off-screen.

August 19, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 188219

  • Ocuvigil will now reveal Minimap Fog.
  • Ocuvigil recipe now requires a Purple Moonlens instead of a Yellow Moonlens.
  • Added sound FX for socketing Gems into Cratered Moonrocks.
  • Minimap rendering performance improvements.
  • Fixed bug where some Ruins Relics became invisible when smashed.

August 16, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 187866

  • Fixed bug causing mod character icons to not display properly on the Minimap when revealed globally by Compass or Ocuvigil.

August 15, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 187752

  • Added new Minimap icons for Gold and Moonrock Boulders.
  • Simplified Ocuvigil animations to reduce texture size.
  • Fixed bug causing Minimap Fog to not render while the Player is a ghost.
  • Fixed bug causing missing character icons from previously visited servers in the Server Listings screen.

August 12, 2016 - Hotfix

Rev. 187578

  • Fixed flicker Minimap icons near Ocuvigil.
  • Properly remove Minimap icon for Ocuvigil after it has burnt down.
  • Fixed bug where Player Minimap icons are sometimes duplicated.

August 11, 2016 - East or West, Base is Best

Rev. 187380

August 11, 2016 Update Poster, featuring an Ocuvigil, a Map, Disease and a Compass.


  • Minimap data is now stored on the server. 
  • Added new Minimap icons for tree stumps and burnt trees. 
  • Players can now locate each other on the Minimap if they both have a Compass equipped. 
  • Added several new magical items that can be crafted to globally mark a spot or reveal an area on the Minimap for everyone. 
  • Improved animations and effects for diseasing. 
  • Disease will now only target individual transplanted Saplings, Grass, and Berry Bushes, and spread slowly to nearby plants unless removed or destroyed.
  • Disease is now rare and unpredictable, but there are warning signs that players can look out for before a plant becomes diseased. 
  • Terrain will no longer provide any disease immunities. 
  • Disease and Petrification are now separately tunable in World customization options.

Bug Fixes

  • Player Minimaps will now load properly when rejoining a server from a different machine. 
  • Caves Minimap is now properly cleared when a player dies in Wilderness mode.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • A New Reign is also the name of the animated short first seen on the Cyclum Puzzles, then released for public view when the game left Early Access. This may also be an explanation for the name change.
  • In each update, some Roses are scattered around the Update Teaser. The number of roses is indicative of the update number.

Blueprint.png Gallery


  1. [Game Update - A New Reign: Part 1 (193574)]
  2. [Game Update - A New Reign: Part 2 (198035)]
  3. [Game Update - (BETA) 212819]
  4. Don't Starve Together Roadmap post by Bigfoot: "Since DST came out, we’ve been hammering on technical improvements that make the game smooth for everyone. We’ve been working on rubber banding, network performance, bugs, balance, administrative tools for hosts, full mod support, and we’ve even been adding new DST-specific content. In addition to these things, we knew that we would also need larger scale content to really support the new worlds that are being created. Specifically, worlds are lasting not just months but years, and those who are behind the scenes are unhappy with how easy-going the inhabitants have become. We’re thus working on a brand new, free content pack called “Through the Ages”, chock full of new content designed specifically for multiplayer. This expansion is free for all players, and will be available in the Spring of 2015." Posted on November 24, 2014.
  5. Happy Holiday! Update Dec 23, 2015 post by Bigfoot: "While we achieved a lot of things, there are some things we didn’t get to. Specifically, Through the Ages is something we discussed in the forums, but has not yet been implemented. It’s always been on our mind, but the core design team had their hands full implementing Reign of Giants and Caves, and simply didn’t have the bandwidth to get onto the new content. Implementing caves especially was a huge undertaking, and we’re still trying to make the process of starting your own caves servers as smooth as possible." Posted on December 23, 2015.
  6. Don't Starve Together leaving Early Access! post by Bigfoot: "Many moons ago, we discussed launching Through the Ages, and it got waylaid by getting to content parity. We felt strongly that getting to parity at our quality standard was the most important priority, and it took much longer than expected. We’re finally here, and we are now actively working on new content. The team is breathing a sigh of relief that we get to build brand new content again. I’m going to leave Ipsquiggle to talk about Through the Ages as it evolves, but the first step of it is coming to you at Launch: we’re putting in small variations to the basic biomes so that every generation feels a bit different, and these will transition over time as you play through the seasons. As a refresher, the focus of TTA is the evolution of your world over a longer period of time, and more variation between worlds. This will take time to develop, and we will keep you in the loop both in beta branches and through our Rhymes With Play twitch stream, and of course right here in the forums. I’d say this is going to take about 6 months to develop, but uh, I’ve been off before." Posted on April 6, 2016.
  7. A New Reign begins! post by Bigfoot: "That’s why, starting this Thursday, we are going to restart an old tradition: regularly scheduled updates! In addition, to better represent the content in these updates, we will no longer be using the name “Through the Ages,” this series of updates will be known as “A New Reign”, and it will be delivered to you every 3 weeks for the next 6 months." Posted on August 8, 2016.