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Grass Gekkos are passive Mobs in Don't Starve Together. They are found in Desert/Rockyland Biomes and act as an alternative source of Cut Grass. When killed, Gekkos drop 0-2 Cut Grass and 1 Leafy Meat. Grass Gekkos have a chance of spawning from planted Grass Tufts, destroying the tuft in the process. They spawn in groups, all at the same time.

Grass Gekkos have a 1% chance to spawn from picking a Grass Tuft, if there are no other Gekkos in a 5 tile radius. If the Grass Tuft has been transplanted, Grass Gekkos will only be able to spawn after 25 (plus or minus 5) days of planting. Grass Gekkos don't spawn in Winter.

Brain.png Behavior

Grass Gekkos spend their time slowly wandering around and sleeping in the sun. When approached, the Gekkos will jump up in alarm and dash away, leaving their "tail". This tail is actually a piece of Cut Grass. The Gekko will regrow the tail two full days after dropping it. Pigs, Bunnymen, and Chester startle Grass Gekkos as the player would.

Prototype.png Tips

  • In the early game, simply passing by and scaring a group of Grass Gekkos can net the player a lot of cut grass without needing to pick it from Grass Tufts.
  • Players can create a Grass Gekko farms using walls or fences with a double gate system to safely and easily contain Gekkos that spawned in their grass farms to secure another reliable source of grass. Unlike rabbits, Gekkos can't be captured via traps and transported to the farm, the player has to lead them into one.
  • The most reliable way of killing unwanted Gekkos is to wait for them to fall asleep and secure a single hit with a weapon and stunlock them.
  • Grass Gekkos produce Cut Grass even in Winter.

Placeholder.png Trivia

Diseased Grass Gekko.
  • Grass Gekkos are considered to be part of A New Reign, even though they were introduced before the official start of the beta branch.
  • Grass Gekkos used to be able to get Disease and would die within two days after getting contaminated. In A New Reign, however, this feature has been removed.
  • Many real life lizards shed their tail when attacked by a predator because of the sudden contraction of caudal muscles. This peculiar motion of the muscles lets the tail move by itself while shaking for a brief span of time, and distract the predators. The lizard then slowly regrows it.
  • When Grass Gekkos are sleeping, they rest with their legs pointed behind them, just like real life lizards do when relaxed.
  • The way the Grass Gekkos lose their grass tail may be inspired by a famous italian byword, avere la coda di paglia (to possess a tail made out of grass). This dictum literally means to be scared about being found guilty, and escape in the event this happens.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • If a player corners a Gekko and attacks it, it will sometimes run over the world border onto the Ocean.

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