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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
This content is available only after opening the Map Icon Lunar Rift.png Lunar Rift
Brightshade Gestalts are mobs exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in From Beyond. They periodically appear from Rifts in their final stage and will take over harvestable plants to create Deadly Brightshades.

Brain.png Behavior

When a Rift reaches its third and final stage, waves of Brightshade Gestalts begin to emerge every 3-4 in-game days, with the first immediately appearing when the Rift reaches its final stage. Brightshade Gestalts will seek out and inhabit harvestable plants in groups of three, which then spawns a Deadly Brightshade for each Brightshade Gestalt. Up to 5 patches (referred to as "herds" in the code) of plants will be infested per wave, and will prioritize plants placed by players over naturally-generated ones. Brightshade Gestalts can inhabit the following plants: Berry Bush, Grass, Sapling, Weeds and Farm Plants, with the latter two having the highest priority. Each Rift will spawn between 4-6 waves of Brightshade Gestalts before closing.

Brightshade Gestalts will automatically move to their intended plant target no matter how far away they are. Brightshade Gestalts can also move over the ocean and take over plants on islands.

Also, when a rift is open, it will appear and inhabit the Deerclops Carcass, Varg Carcass or Bearger Carcass. After this, it takes control of the body and begins to attack the player. To prevent it from entering the carcass, you can simply burn the carcass.

Brightshade Gestalt.png Transformations

Deerclops Carcass.png Interface arrow right.png Crystal Deerclops.png

Bearger Carcass.png Interface arrow right.png Armored Bearger.png

Varg Carcass.png Interface arrow right.png Possessed Varg.png


  • Because Brightshade Gestalts prioritize the largest groups of plants as well as Farm Plants and Weeds it is possible to plant unneeded crops far from important areas in order to draw the Brightshade Gestalts away from places where the apperance of Deadly Brightshades may be problematic.