Grainy Transmission

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining Wagstaff during a Moonstorm.

Waxwell Portrait.png
Oh I'm sorry, were you saying something? I was too busy fighting for my life.

Maxwell, when examining Wagstaff after a mutated boss was killed.

The Grainy Transmission, otherwise known as Wagstaff, is an NPC exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in the Return of Them. He can be found in the Moonstorms that spawn after the Mysterious Energy is created. He reappears after the Celestial Champion's final phase is defeated.

Upon players entering a moonstorm for the first time, he will approach them and drop the blueprints for Astroggles and the Incomplete Experiment. If there are multiple players nearby he will drop blueprints for each.

Wearing Astroggles will show an indicator on the edge of the screen pointing to Wagstaff's current location if he is nearby.

Wagstaff in containment process.

He will appear somewhere in the moonstorm and run a short distance before disappearing when approached. Once followed four times, he will appear with a machine with 100 health and trying to contain a energetic static. Moonblind Crows and Misshapen Birds will land in flocks and approach Wagstaff in an attempt to prevent the containment of the moonstorm energy. If the container takes over 100 damage the containment will fail and he will disappear requiring the player to track him down again. After the containing process success, he will leave a Restrained Static and disappear.

Wagstaff will periodically ask for one of five tools, which will spawn around him during the containment process. Most characters will not be able to identify the tools, however Winona will be able to see the proper name when moused over the item. After the correct tool is given to Wagstaff it will respawn nearby a few moments later. All tools will vanish when the containment process ends, regardless of outcome.

After defeating the Celestial Champion, he will show up to siphon its lunar energy with the Lunar Essence Extractor for two minutes (1/4 of a day). At this point the player can show him the Enlightened Shard dropped by Celestial Champion. He will ask the player to give it to him, and doing so will cause Rifts to begin spawning. If Wagstaff vanishes before the player is able to do so, he will reappear somewhere around the player after some time, which gives the player another chance to give him the shard.


Winona Portrait.png
Found the Reticulating Buffer! Better get it back to the bossman.

Winona, when examining a Reticulating Buffer

Wilson Portrait.png
Of course I know what it is! It's just, er... too complicated to explain.

Wilson, when examining a Widget Deflubber

Willow Portrait.png
Yeah, that looks like a Whaddayacallit! Or was it a Whatchamahoosit...

Willow, when examining a Grommet Scriber

Waxwell Portrait.png
Is this what he wants? Why couldn't that old fool have been more descriptive?!

Maxwell, when examining a Conceptual Scrubber

Wortox Portrait.png
What a fun game, finding tools from another plane!

Wortox, when examining a Calibrated Perceiver

An item used by a mysterious character to restrain static.

-Scrapbook Description

Lunar Essence Extractor

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining the Lunar Essence Extractor

Warning message prior to activating the Lunar Rifts.

After the defeat of the Celestial Champion, Wagstaff appears near its remains with the Lunar Essence Extractor, which he uses to house energy taken from the Celestial Champion. The first time this happens and any subsequent times while the Lunar Rifts are not activated, Wagstaff asks players for an Enlightened Shard in order to activate the Lunar Rifts. A player must first show the shard to Wagstaff, and offer it to him afterwards. A message pops up warning the player and asking for confirmation. Once confirmed, Lunar Rifts are activated.

After the player gives Wagstaff an Enlightened Shard or after a couple minutes, he and the Lunar Essence Extractor fade away. If Lunar Rifts are already active, Wagstaff does not ask for an Enlightened Shard after subsequent Celestial Champion fights, and simply fades away moments after housing Celestial Champion's energy.

If Wagstaff was not given an Enlightened Shard after the Celestial Champion fight, he and the Lunar Essence Extractor show up randomly throughout the world, giving players another chance to give him an Enlightened Shard and activate Lunar Rifts without having to fight Celestial Champion again.

Winona's Spotlight.png Animations

Spark Ark Quest

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Spark Ark

This content is available only after opening the Map Icon Lunar Rift.png Lunar Rift
If a lunar-mutated Boss (Armored Bearger, Crystal Deerclops, or Possessed Varg) is defeated, Wagstaff appears and requests the player to defeat more of them, in order for him to conduct his research. Once all three bosses have been defeated, Wagstaff rewards the player with a Spark Ark. Afterward, Wagstaff drops a Spark Ark for each boss defeated, but they must still be cycled through.

W.A.R.B.I.S. Quest

Glommer's Flower.png Main article: Abandoned Junk

This content is available only after opening the Map Icon Lunar Rift.png Lunar Rift
Once Lunar Rifts have been activated, a first set of Abandoned Junk spawns in a random location after 4-7 days along with Research Notes. Wagstaff then periodically appears next to a player for a few moments, talking and running toward where the Abandoned Junk spawned. Finding and destroying these structures provides players with Scrap and a chance for the Rare Blueprints for W.A.R.B.I.S. Head Gear, W.A.R.B.I.S. Armor, and the Auto-Mat-O-Chanic. With each set of Abandoned Junk destroyed, another spawns after 4-7 days, and Wagstaff continues to hint at their locations.

Gramophone.png Quotes

Celestial Champion Quest

Meeting the player for the first time in a Moonstorm

  • You! Of course!
  • Quick, take these!
  • I'll be needing some assistance shortly.
  • Find me when you are sufficiently prepared.
  • Now, to find the source of that reading...


  • It's close by now...
  • If I can just find...
  • If my hypothesis is correct...
  • It's here... somewhere.

Leading the player

  • Ahh, this way!
  • My scans point toward this direction.
  • Aha, found it again!

Starting containment

  • This is it, it must be contained.
  • I'll need your assistance, we must contain it before it's gone!

Requesting a tool

  • Quick, I need my Reticulating Buffer!
  • Someone find me a Widget Deflubber!
  • Has anyone seen my Grommet Scriber?
  • Can someone hand me the Conceptual Scrubber?
  • I'm certain I put the Calibrated Perceiver down here somewhere...

Too busy to receive item

  • I'm a bit preoccupied at the moment.
  • Patience if you please, this requires my full concentration.

Requesting an Enlightened Crown Shard

  • Incredible! It's just as I surmised!
  • If only I could push its output a bit further...
  • Oh yes, this could really be something, with one small addition...
  • A small crystalline structure might just do the trick.
  • Yes, I'm positive a shard of crystal would work...
  • If it had the right translucency...
  • And the correct shape...
  • And lunar origin...

Confirming the player wants to give a shard

  • This is... yes, this will propel my experiments to the next level!
  • Quickly, hand it over."

Receiving a tool

  • Is it important?
  • Quickly now, timing is critical!

Incorrect tool

  • No no, that's not what I'm looking for!
  • This isn't the right one, the other one!

Correct tool

  • Excellent, that's it!
  • At last! Now let's get this finished!

Containment failed

  • Balderdash! The containment has failed!
  • Back to my notes again...

Containment successful

  • It's done!
  • Take this, you'll need it for what we have to do.

Moonstorm passed

  • Balderdash, my connection is fading!

In moonstorm when Celestial Champion defeated

  • Aha! This selenological anomaly can only mean one thing!
  • Now is my chance!

Celestial Champion defeated

  • Excellent! My little experiment was a resounding success!
  • Thank you for all your hard work.
  • Now if you'll excuse me, I have much to do.

Player attempts to give item other than Enlightened Crown Shard

  • Don't waste my time.

Idling while waiting for a shard

  • Hmmm...
  • If I could just locate one...
  • A crystalline shard, with the correct properties...

Disappearing after receiving a shard

  • This will increase the power output exponentially!
  • Now if you'll excuse me, I have much to do.
  • You and I are about to change the world!

Spark Ark Quest

First mutated boss defeated

  • Illuminating! It would greatly aid my research...
  • If you could repeat this exemplary performance...
  • With another specimen displaying similar mutations.

Second mutated boss defeated

  • Well done!
  • But perhaps one more.
  • For scientific accuracy, of course.
  • You understand.

Third mutated boss defeated

  • Right. A third specimen. I did ask for another, didn't I?
  • You dallied so long I nearly forgot!
  • For your troubles, the fruits of our research.
  • I think taking it down to the subterranean archives...
  • Will prove most enlightening.

Mutated boss defeated after first Spark Ark

  • I have all the data I require from this creature.
  • However... I suppose I mustn't let your efforts go unrewarded.

Mutated boss defeated after first Spark Ark

  • Still at it, are you? I must commend your zeal for research.
  • Here, a contribution to your continued studies.

Mutated boss defeated after first Spark Ark

  • I'm afraid we have nothing more to gain from analyzing this poor creature.
  • Take this, as a token of my gratitude for your efforts.

Leaving after speaking to the player

  • Farewell!
  • Until next time.
  • Best of luck to you! I must be off.
  • Now, if you'll excuse me, I have much to do.

W.A.R.B.I.S. Quest

Hints toward Abandoned Junk

  • Progress waits for no one!
  • Onto the next experiment!
  • A few more samples, yes, that's what I need...
  • Just a bit more research... I'm close, I'm sure of it!
  • Now where did I leave my notes? I'm sure they were somewhere around here...

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Grainy Transmission was introduced in the Eye of the Storm update.
  • If you spawn Wagstaff or Wagstaff's tools by commands, they will glow at night.
  • Every character, except Winona, will identify Reticulating Buffer as Odd Tool, Widget Deflubber as Weird Tool, Grommet Scriber as Strange Tool, Conceptual Scrubber as Funky Tool, and Calibrated Perceiver as Bizarre Tool.
  • WX-78 highly resents Wagstaff given their background, as seen in their examination quotes. They also warn the Lunar Siphonator that he can't be trusted.
  • In a world with the Winter's Feast event active, Wagstaff will drop a unique Magnificent Adornment of the potato contained in the Astroggles after the Celestial Champion fight.