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Finally! A useful vegetable.


The Lureplant is a hostile plant which is so named for its behavior of dangling meats to attract prey. Like Krampus, a Lureplant has its own inventory, which is filled with the items its Eyeplants (see below) have stored but not yet digested. It has the capability of storing and digesting just about anything that can fit in the player's inventory.

When a Lureplant is ready to produce a lure but no meat is available, it will produce Leafy Meat as a lure instead. This lure, along with any other meats the Lureplant may use as bait, may be harvested by unequipping any weapon such that the option to "harvest meat" appears instead of "attack". When a meat is successfully harvested from a Lureplant, all Eyeplants will disappear, and the bulb will revert to a "just planted" look. The bulb will not display another meat until it is capable of producing Eyeplants 2 days later. If a Lureplant dangles the same lure for more than the time it takes for the lure to spoil, harvesting it will give nothing. The player can hit the Lureplant to make it retract its empty tendril, and soon, it'll come out again with a fresh Leafy Meat. During Winter, Lureplants will withdraw their roots and Eyeplants, producing no lures. When a Lureplant with Leafy Meat is attacked by a Frog, the leafy meat will be stolen by the frog and the Lureplant will immediately produce another Leafy Meat.

Without any damage multipliers, Lureplants take 9 hits with a Spear, 8 with a Bat Bat, 6 with a Tentacle SpikeHam Bat, and Thulecite Club, and 5 with a Dark Sword to die. Killing a Lureplant will also allow the player to collect one Leafy Meat in addition to any items the Lureplant has collected in its inventory, but has not yet been digested. Additionally, a Lureplant will always drop a Fleshy Bulb after death, which may be replanted on any valid turf.

Every player, who has stayed on surface world for 1440-2400 seconds in spring, has a 1/(number of players on surface when the random draw is done) chance of spawning a Lureplant. If there is only 1 player on the Surface during spring, provided the player does not visit the Caves or disconnect, a Lureplant would spawn by 2400 seconds of spring time. Visiting the Caves or disconnecting will reset the Lureplant timer, hence interrupting the Lureplant spawn. The Crabby Hermit's island will spawn a Lureplant on day 36.

They spawn around the current location of the player periodically during specific seasons. Lureplants naturally spawn during Spring in RoG and during Monsoon Season and Dry Season in SW. During these seasons, a new Lureplant will try to spawn every 6 to 7 days, 40 to 80 units (10 to 20 Pitchfork tiles) away from the player's location at the spawn time. No Lureplants will spawn if no suitable location is found, and the timer will be reset to try to spawn again in 6 to 7 days.

The Lureplant's bulb itself does not possess any offensive or defensive capabilities, relying instead on the Eyeplants surrounding it for protection and sustenance.

A loaded Lureplant takes 20 seconds to digest/destroy a single item. Items are destroyed individually, so a stack of 40 will take 800 seconds. Items to be destroyed are selected randomly. The Lureplant's destruction ability makes it a big hazard if any rare items are stored. Lureplants can store up to 15 stacks of different items; any items exceeding this limit are immediately destroyed.

Lureplant has top priority for wildfires in a 25-metre radius.

Additionally, Eyeplants will not spawn on Sandy Turf, Rocky Turf, Cave Rock Turf, or red and green Fungal Turf in RoG and Magma Turf in SW, as well as most craftable turfs.

Wormwood will also not be attacked by Eyeplants unless they are provoked through direct combat. If the Lureplant itself is attacked, all Eyeplants will become aggressive, but picking the lure won't aggro any of the Eyeplants.


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I believe they are controlled by the larger plant.


An Eyeplant is an aggressive, stationary mob that spawns from a Lureplant, which will store (including food from Crock PotsFarms, and Drying RacksTooth Traps; and thrown Boomerangs) or attack anything that gets too close. They will not, however, store Backpacks or any other container. Eyeplant attack other lureplants and other Eyeplants from different Lureplants.

A single Lureplant is capable of sustaining up to 27 Eyeplants at once, which will generally spawn within a radius 12 metres. Eyeplant can spawn up to 20 metres away from the Lureplant, when some of the closer Eyeplant positions are blocked.

The Eyeplants are not very durable and will quickly retreat underground after receiving 30 HP in damage. As long as the lure remains, however, new Eyeplants will pop up again after only a short interval. If an Eyeplant is attacked, the Lureplant from which it was spawned will withdraw the lure. After a short period of time, the Lureplant will once again deploy the lure.

Both the Lureplant and the Eyeplants are highly vulnerable to fire. Once one catches fire, it will quickly spread to the others, and they remain on fire until death. Lureplants that die in this manner destroy most of the items they have collected, though there is a chance for some items to emerge unscathed, including its current lure and Fleshy Bulb.

With normal damage modifier characters, Eyeplants will retreat into the ground with a single hit from all dedicated weapons making it fairly straightforward for the player to carve a path through to the Lureplant itself.

Eyeplants emerge only from certain types of terrain (table below), the rest of available turfs blocks the spawning. This makes Leafy Meat farms possible if bulbs are planted near a great deal of turf that Eyeplants cannot grow on. Note that Eyeplants can occupy up to 4 tiles radius space around single Lureplant.

List of turfs interacting with Eyeplants in DST Don't Starve Together icon.png
Turfs where Eyeplant.png CAN spawn Savanna Turf.png,Grass Turf.png,Forest Turf.png,Deciduous Turf.png,Marsh Turf.png,Mud Turf.png,Fungal Turf.png,Fungal Turf Red.png,Fungal Turf Green.png,Slimy Turf.png,Guano Turf.png and bare ground (tiles with no turf at all)
Turfs where Eyeplant.png CANNOT spawn all other turfs excluding the ones above, including Rocky Turf.png,Cave Rock Turf.png,Wooden Flooring.png,Cobblestones.png,Carpeted Flooring.png,Checkerboard Flooring.png

Eyeplants will not spawn during winter (i.e. the parent Lureplant effectively "hibernates" until winter is over); any Eyeplants that have already spawned will de-spawn when winter arrives, and the Lureplant will look "just planted" for the rest of the season.

Up to 36 Eyeplant positions are generated when the Lureplant is about to spawn Eyeplant. These positions are fixed relative to the Lureplant. By planting the Lureplant in the exact position, the Eyeplant positions will also be the same. These Eyeplant positions will have at least 75% chance of spawning an Eyeplant. One can then create a dense automatic harvest farm by planting tuft or bushes around known Eyeplant positions.

Icon Tools.png Usage

  • Lureplants can be used for harvesting.
    • Lureplants can be used for harvesting Grass and Twigs quite efficiently. Saplings and Grass tufts can be planted around known Eyeplant positions.
      • When the Eyeplant positions are unknown, saplings and grass tufts can be planted in rows 4 metres apart, to provide space for Eyeplants to spawn.
      • Players might want to build the farm at least 80 metres from a base, so as to prevent the Lureplant from consuming materials when the player doesn't intend to harvest them.
      • For easy access to the bulb at the center, one can place certain turfs, like cobblestone, leading inward.
  • Lureplants can be used as a punching bag.
    • Lureplants can be punched with the Bat Bat to restore health quickly; useful for Wormwood (due to them not healing through foods) and Maxwell (due to his low health).
    • Lureplants can be punched by Beefalo, to train Ornery tendency.
  • Lureplants can be used for combat. Players can lure mobs into the Eyeplants, which will bite the mobs and initiate combat, usually resulting in the foes being defeated. Note, however, this will almost certainly not work against stronger enemies, especially giants.
    • Can be used to empty Beehives and Killer Bee Hives to get Honey and Honeycombs or to safely open paths blocked by Killer Bee Hives.
    • When planted a small distance away from one's camp, they can protect the area from Spiders, Merms, or any other hostile Mobs.
    • Eyeplants are also good for dealing with Hounds. Plant a Lureplant near a base, leaving room for Eyeplants to spawn. When a pack of Hounds appear, simply run over to the Lureplant and circle around the Eyeplants. Take caution when dealing with Red Hounds though, as they can light up the entire Lureplant system and possibly burn its Fleshy Bulb to Ashes.
    • Placing a Lureplant near Ponds will result in the Eyeplants attacking any Frogs that come near, which in turn causes Frogs to flock to attack. If a Frog attacks the Lureplant itself, an item it has not digested will come flying out (just like when a player is attacked). This can sometimes allow the player to get free Frog Legs, as well as Leafy Meat, without harvesting or destroying the bulb
  • Lureplants can be farmed for its Leafy Meat. To take the lure without attacking it, unequip any weapon and left-click the Lureplant. In Don't Starve Together, they can be harvested using the right mouse button, even with weapons equipped.
    • If one chooses to plant Lureplants in a group to make a farm for their Leafy Meat, a lot of hard turf can be used to prevent any Eyeplants from growing. If there isn't enough flooring, the spawned Eyeplants will keep attacking each other, causing the owning Lureplants to repeatedly withdraw their lures, making them tedious to harvest.
    • 13 Lureplants is enough to satisfy Hunger needs for a character with a default hunger modifier, except during Winter where Leafy Meat is not produced. Leafy Meats need to be harvested as soon as they are available, and must be cooked before being eaten, preferably in a Crock PotDon't Starve Together icon.png.
    • You can plant a Fleshy Bulb on a Boat to harvest Leafy Meat without worry of Eyeplants.
      • However, make sure when you jump onto the boat, the Fleshy Bulb isn't blocking your way, otherwise your character will "drown" and lose max health and get washed back on shore. Placing the bulbs to the side of the boat (and the back if you aren't using the boat as a bridge) can counter this problem.
  • Lureplants can be used to dispose of unwanted objects.
  • Lureplants can be used to attract wildfire.
    • Lureplants can be used to extend the range of Ice Flingomatics when guarding against wildfire. An elaborate setup is available at this post.
    • Lureplants can be used to focus the wildfire, so that manual identification of wildfire smouldering is easier.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Lureplants were added to the game in the It's Not a Rock! update.
  • Lureplants began "hibernating" in the Winter after the Strange New Powers update.
  • Lureplants were known as Meat Bulbs before the An Eye for An Eye update.
  • The method that the Lureplant attracts prey with leafy meat is likely based on real world carnivorous plants, which lures their own prey with similar methods, usually with a sweet smelling sap.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • If an Eyeplant consumes a Boomerang, the player will be harmed upon harvesting the Lureplant. This is because the Boomerang does not lose its momentum after being eaten.
  • If the game crashes for any reason after the Lureplant has been killed but before the Eyeplants retreat, upon loading the game, there may be independent Eyeplants with no parent Lureplant.
  • If the player is standing directly next to the ocean when placing a Lureplant, they may be pushed onto the ocean with almost no way of returning to the land.
  • If one attacks a Lureplant right after it has been placed, it will settle immediately and produce a lure shortly after.
  • If a Lureplant catches fire and is extinguished, it may stop producing Eyeplants and lures.
  • If a Frog attacks it, it's possible for a Lureplant to give out endless amounts of Leafy Meat as long as the player constantly heals it.
  • If a player stands next to an Eyeplant while it consumes something, the game may crash. This happens especially when the Lureplant is "killed" and the eyeplant tries to consume something before it despawns.
  • Lureplants may spawn even when set to "none" in the World Settings.

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