Nasty Spear Trap

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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Wilson Portrait.png
I wonder what wonders hide in there?

Wilson, When examining a Nasty Spear Trap.

Wilson Portrait.png
Take that booby traps!

Wilson, When examining a Busted Spear Trap.

Nasty Spear Traps are traps exclusive to the Hamlet DLC.

They are found within Ancient Pig Ruins and activate periodically, when a Mob or player is in close proximity, or by pressure plates. If the pressure plate spawned with an item on it, the traps will activate when the item is taken; otherwise, they activate when the pressure plate is stepped on or weighed down.

In addition to damaging anything that is on top of them when they activate, Nasty Spear Traps act as a wall, and prevent the player and most other Mobs from passing through (except Shadow Creatures).

Nasty Spear Traps can be destroyed using Weapons, or instantaneously using Shears. Doing so will cause them to become Broken Spear Traps. They are not currently known to regenerate.

Prototype.png Tips

  • A Ham Bat can be used to destroy Nasty Spear Traps at no cost of weapon durability.
  • A Torch can be used to destroy many activated Nasty Spear Traps at once at minimal cost.