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A transförmative altar för the stöne göds.


The Potter's Wheel is a Crafting Station in Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. It requires 2 Cut Stone, 2 Boards and 4 Twigs to build, and a Science Machine to prototype. It allows players to access the Sculptures Filter and build 26 different sculptures, mostly based on Chess Pieces and Giants. 3 of these sculptures are only available to craft during their associated seasonal Event.

Icon Tools.png Usage

The Bubble Pipe Carving and Carved Hornucopia sculptures are available near any Potter's Wheel, while the others must be unlocked by giving the Potter's Wheel the respective Sketches, which will be returned if the Wheel is hammered.

After being placed, a Potter's Wheel requires Marble, Cut Stone, or a Moon Shard to be placed on top it to work. After the chosen material is placed, the player can turn it into the chosen sculpture with 2 Rocks. Based on the material used, the sculpture will be white if Marble was used, black if Cut Stone was used, and a translucent green if a Moon Shard was used. After the sculpture is made, players can pick it up and carry it similar to Suspicious Marble.

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