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Walter Portrait.png
I'll have this set up lickety-split!

Walter, when examining a Tent Roll

Walter Portrait.png
Nice and sturdy!

Walter, when examining a Camper's Tent

The Tent Roll is a Character-specific Item craftable only by Walter. It requires 1 Straw Roll, 4 Twigs and 2 Ropes to craft and a Science Machine to prototype.

It can be placed on the ground to build a Camper's Tent. Camper's Tent acts like a regular Tent with 10 uses. Using a Camper's Tent restores 1 Sanity Meter.png/second, 2 Health Meter.png/second and costs 1 Hunger Meter.png/second (only 0.5 Hunger Meter.png/second as Walter). It also reduces Wetness by 1/second, and raises Body Temperature by 1/second as long as the player's temperature is less than 40. All outside temperature sources are ignored, so the player's temperature will not increase if it is above 40. At least 26 Hunger is required before sleeping in a Tent. The Tent can protect against the environment (e.g. Wetness, Freezing) while sleeping.

The Camper's Tent can be dismantled into a Tent Roll.

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