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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Walter is a Character exclusive to Don't Starve Together who was released on June 15, 2020 for free.[1][2]

Minimap Maxwell's Door.png Origin

While in pursuit of answers to the strange and unexplained, Walter suddenly found himself lost and alone in a place unlike anything even he could have imagined. Luckily, he would not be alone for long. Even a stout-hearted Pinetree Pioneer feels a little braver with a loyal friend by their side!

–Official description for Constant Companion [3]

Walter's origin is shown in the animated short Constant Companion. The Compendium summarizes the short:

The only thing that could ever rival Walter's love for the great outdoors was his fascination with monsters and mystery. Nothing captured his interest more than a spooky story heard over the radio or a local legend about an elusive cryptid.

It was that pursuit of the unknown that eventually led him to the Constant. While searching for a man who Walter believed would have answers to his questions about a mysterious creature rumored to live in the woods, he instead came upon an abandoned cabin. The owner seemed to have left hastily, leaving all their belongings behind... including an odd radio that miraculously still seemed to be working. With curiosity getting the better of him he investigated the radio further, springing a trap that had lain dormant for years...

Now finding himself trapped in the Constant, Walter has befriended another lost soul - a scruffy dog named Woby. Though much about her remains a mystery, Walter has vowed to one day return her to her rightful home (after all, returning lost dogs is the Pinetree Pioneer thing to do).

Placeholder.png Trivia


  • Walter's voice sounds similar to an out of tune Bugle or a Blade of Grass whistle.
  • Upon eating Glommer's Goop or Tallbird Egg, Walter will sing a song. The melody comes from "Great Green Gobs of Greasy, Grimy Gopher Guts" with the lyrics fit to the Don't Starve universe.
  • Walter used to be immune to the sanity drain of the Dark Sword and the Night Armor. However, this was removed, as it wasn't intended for him to be immune to the effects of shadow magic.
  • In Rhymes With Play # 278, it was mentioned that Walter was originally designed with a gap tooth, but it was omitted due to being difficult to implement.
  • Walter's skull was found in the DST files as of May 6, 2021.
  • Walter's costume refers to his bee allergy.


  • Walter's quotes for the Farm Plots and Mothling show that he has a mother who disliked his love of bugs and collected porcelain (Leaky teacup: "My mom would kill me if I cracked her fine china").
  • Some of Walter and Woodie's quotes for one another suggest that Walter is Canadian.
  • Many of Walter's quotes for a Wes player suggest that he has coulrophobia.
  • Walter hates asparagus and figs, according to his quotes for them and their dishes.
  • In DST, Willow's quote for Watermelon used to be "I once knew a melon named Walter. He was a jerk." and it was changed to "But where's the firemelon?" as of the She Sells Sea Shells update. The same was done for her Grilled Watermelon quote which was changed from "Warm, sweet, juicy Walter." to "I made my own firemelon." These quotes were changed to avoid confusion over the new character.[4]
    • Willow's original Watermelon and Grilled Watermelon quotes mentioning Walter are still intact in Singleplayer.
    • Joe W further confirmed that Willow did not know Walter on the Klei forums.[5][4]
  • Sometimes a message like this may appear during the loading screen in DST: "Walter's time in the Pinetree Pioneers has made him more prepared than most for surviving in the wilderness. Unfortunately, this is undermined somewhat by his blind fascination with monsters."
  • Walter has a campfire story about a watch, in which he tells about a man who has a hook in one hand and who makes watches. This man makes a watch for each of his victims, each watch shows the time of death of his victims. It looks like Walter thinks Wanda is a maniac. Wanda's quote on Walter is: "%s, why do you keep looking at my hands...?" Walter's quote on Wanda is: "Oh, sorry Ms. %s! I was just, uh... checking." If Walter sees Wanda killing someone, he will say: "I knew it! She IS the killer!"

Cultural References

  • In 2023 Klei Developers made several Don't Starve holiday cards, one of which depicts several characters including Walter building a snowman, based on an antique christmas card titled Weird Snowman.
  • His "Boy Detective" skin is possibly a reference to the character Angus McDonald from the podcast The Adventure Zone. Angus is also known as a "boy detective" and wears a similar outfit. This was later confirmed by Klei artist Leira on a charity stream guest appearance.[6]
  • His "The Moonbound" skin and quote for it are reminiscent of Sailor Moon.
  • His "Chatterbox" skin is reminiscent of Slappy from the book Night of the Living Dummy.


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