Pinetree Pioneer Hat

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A Pinetree Pioneer should always wear appropriate headgear.


Walter's sanity loss due to damage is halved.

-Scrapbook Description

The Pinetree Pioneer Hat is a Characters-exclusive Dress Item craftable only by Walter, using 4 Silk. Walter also starts the game with 1 Pinetree Pioneer Hat in his inventory.

It restores 2 Sanity per minute while worn, provides 20% Wetness resistance and 60 of Overheating protection. It divides the sanity loss of Walter when taking damage by two.

Higgsbury Red T-Shirt Icon.png Skins

Glommer's Flower.png See also: Belongings#Pinetree_Pioneer_Hat

Walter has a unique Pinetree Pioneer Hat Skin corresponding to each of his collections. However he always spawns in the Constant with the default look of the hat and must either use a Clean Sweeper to change skin of his hat or craft a new one with the desired skin.

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