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For the filter in Don't Starve Together, see Clothing Filter, Winter Items Filter, Summer Items Filter and Rain Gear Filter.

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Some fine haberdashery.


Glommer's Flower.png See also: Clothes

Dress Items can be obtained from Crafting, in the Dress Tab with the teal Top Hat icon on the left-hand side. Dress items make it easier to counter Seasons' effects such as Freezing, Overheating, or Wetness, often granting extra Sanity regeneration too.

Many Dress items have Durability, which is consumed over time by simply wearing them. A Sewing Kit can be used to restore most Dress items' durability, unless it is fully depleted, in which case the item is destroyed. The Straw Hat and Garland are the only Dress items available at the start of the game.

Some Mobs can wear Hats, either those given to them or stolen from the player. These include Pigs (and Werepigs), Guardian Pigs, Bunnymen (and Beardlords), and Splumonkeys. Killing the mob will drop the hat, though the player can swap hats on Pigs and Bunnymen.

Visit the Character clothes pages to see how all Dress items look on each Character.

Gift Icon.png Downloadable Content

In the Reign of Giants DLC, the player can craft Fashion Melons, Ice Cubes, Summer Frests, Floral Shirts, Cat Caps, Rain Hats, Rain Coats, Hibearnation Vests, and Eyebrellas in the Dress Tab.

In the Shipwrecked DLC, Brain of Thoughts, Snakeskin Hats, Snakeskin Jackets, Blubber Suits, Tar Suits, Windbreakers, Particulate Purifiers, and Sleek Hats were added to the Dress Tab. Additionally, this DLC includes Fashion Melons, Ice Cubes, Summer Frests and Floral Shirts. Prime Apes and Wildbores can also wear hats.

The Hamlet DLC introduces Gas Masks, Pith Hats and Thunderhats. Snakeskin Hats and Jackets are also available to craft in this DLC, but look very different. For Webber, the Shamlet Mask is added to the Dress Tab.

Craftable Items

The following items can be crafted in the Dress Tab: