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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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I bet we can fool those pigs with this!


The Shamlet Mask is a character-specific Hat Item exclusive to Webber in the Hamlet DLC. When playing a Hamlet world or Hamlet-compatible world, Webber will start out with a Shamlet Mask in his Inventory at the start. Additional masks can be crafted in the Dress Tab, using two Twigs, a Pig Skin, and Beard Hair.

Wearing the Shamlet Mask allows Webber to travel safely through the Pig City, without causing panic for the civilians and being attacked by the Royal Guards. Other neutral Mobs (such as Pogs, Bunnymen, Catcoons, etc.) will no longer attack him as well. However, the disguise also fools Spiders which will be aggressive towards Webber.

The Shamlet Mask doesn't have a limited durability or any other additional effects.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The name of the item is a play on the words 'sham' and 'Hamlet'.
  • It may be based on Groucho glasses.
  • The Shamlet Mask is only available when the player owns both Reign of Giants and Hamlet DLC, since the character Webber can only be unlocked via Webber's Skull, which can only be obtained when owning Reign of Giants DLC.
  • A similar item, the Clever Disguise, was added to Don't Starve Together as a character-specific item for the DLC character Wurt. It disguises other players as Merms.