Humble Lamb Idol

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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I think I'll stay here and watch it... just a bit longer.

Walter, When examining a burning Immaculate Lamb Idol

The Humble Lamb Idol is a craftable Structure exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced as part of the Cult of the Lamb Crossover. It requires 10 Rocks and 2 Logs to be crafted. Once placed, it can be upgraded by adding more materials into it. It requires 5 Cut Stone and 1 Log to be upgraded to an Improved Lamb Idol (Level 2), then 10 Gold Nuggets, 10 Cut Stone and 1 Log to be upgraded to an Immaculate Lamb Idol (Level 3).

The Idol works like a Fire Pit, but also gives sanity over time to nearby players while lit. There are different visuals for each upgrade level. With each upgrade, the maximum fuel capacity and sanity aura is improved. At its max level, the fuel capacity is greater than that of the Fire Pit.

Level Fuel Capacity Sanity Aura
Humble 120 seconds +6.25Sanity Meter.png/min
Improved 240 seconds +10Sanity Meter.png/min
Immaculate 480 seconds +25Sanity Meter.png/min

The rare Blueprint for the Idol is obtained by feeding the Red Crown trinket (found in Crumpled Packages fished from the Lake at the Oasis) to Antlion.

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  • The files contain descriptions for crafting the other two levels. Level 2: "A refined statue to celebrate the lamb." Level 3: "A dazzling monument to the lamb's glory."

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