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Exclusive to: Shipwrecked icon.png

My love for you is deeper than the ocean.


The Surfboard is a Boat item in the Shipwrecked DLC, and is exclusive to Walani. Walani starts the game with it in her inventory, and is the only character able to craft it. It can be crafted with 1 Board and 2 Seashells from the Nautical Tab.

It has the highest base movement speed of all Boats at 6.5, but also has the lowest durability at 100. It restores 1 Sanity Meter.png Sanity to Walani for every Wave that she rides correctly, and gives a ×5 (Small Waves) or ×7 (Big Waves) speed boost from riding Waves compared to most other Boats (excluding the Encrusted Boat). It will also suffer a ×1.5 Wetness penalty and grant no speed boost when hitting Waves incorrectly.

The Surfboard does not require paddling, so Walani can hold tools (including Torches and Bottle Lanterns) while surfing. Surfboards can be retrieved from both land and sea and placed into the inventory, thus making it possible to pick up and re-deploy the Surfboard after placing it.

While moving, the Surfboard loses durability at a rate of 1 per 9.6 seconds, lasting a total of 2 days. Sailing on a heavily damaged Surfboard won't increase Wetness.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Riding Waves correctly can give a large boost in speed and sanity over time, making Walani much faster when she moves with the current.
  • Because it is the only sea-craft capable of riding Big Waves, the Surfboard is often the fastest vessel for Walani during Hurricane Season.
  • Purple Grouper and Tropical Bouillabaisse's effects cause Walani to gain the speed boost and sanity bonuses even from hitting Waves incorrectly, negating the Wetness and damage penalties for doing so.
  • Pierrot Fish and Tropical Bouillabaisse can be used to dry off rapidly if the player is suffering from high Wetness after crashing into a few waves - even during an ongoing storm.
  • While the Surfboard does not require prototyping, Boards do require a Science Machine to prototype. However, Boards can also be obtained by Hammering Crates, allowing more Surfboards to be crafted before building a Science Machine.
  • If hammered down with a Hammer returns one board and one Seashell.

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Using the console to spawn a surfboard for other characters may cause a crash.
  • Dropping the Surfboard, or crafting it with a full inventory, while near the edges of land in a Shipwrecked world can cause the Surfboard to fall in the water and sink.
  • In Pocket Edition, the option to retrieve the Surfboard will not appear, making it more useless to the Player.

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