Dreadstone Wall

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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I feel so... safe?

Wilson, Dreadstone Wall

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The stone's density makes for an incredibly strong building material.

Wickerbottom, Dreadstone Wall Item

Can be repaired using the inventory wall items.

Can be build up 4 levels.

-for StructureScrapbook Description

The Dreadstone Wall is a Wall exclusive to Don't Starve Together. It uses 4 Dreadstones to be crafted and its Blueprint drops from the Nightmare Werepig.

Despite being together with the Thulecite Wall, as both have 400 health when initially placed and a maximum health of 800 when fully upgraded, The Dreadstone Wall is the toughest of the walls. It takes 25 hits to tear down each segment with a Hammer, compared to 3 hits for many other walls and when attacked by a player, the wall takes only 75% of the player's damage output, damage received from mobs is not affected.

Unlike others walls the Dreadstone Wall is repaired by 100% its costs, meaning that each Dreadstone repairs it by 80 health, 4 Dreadstones being 320 health, the same as a fully crafted wall. It only requires 3 walls to reach its maximum height and health. When hammered, it will drop 2 Dreadstones if it's fully upgraded and 1 if it's not.

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