Brilliant Mudslinger

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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Brilliant Mudslinger is an item that can be crafted only by Wurt with the "Terra Mutation" skill. It allows you to throw a swamp ball on a surface. After hitting the ground it creates a 7x7 Mutated Marsh Turf area. All Merms loyal to the player will mutate and become a Mutated Merm or Mutated Merm Guard. The Merms will also receive the lunar buff here. This turf replaces Sanity with Enlightenment. Gestalts can appear on this turf.

Unlike the common Marsh Turf, the mutated marsh turf can't be dug up, can't be used for planting, using the Garden Digamajig or building Wurt structures.

Slippery Hide II.png Slippery Hide II

Wurt with "Slippery Hide II" skill will also get wetness standing on Mutated Marsh Turf

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