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I think I know where it goes...


The Ancient Key is an item exclusive to Don't Starve Together, introduced in A New Reign. Its sole purpose is to activate the Ancient Gateway (and therefore is only used in the Atrium Biome) by being inserted in its socket.

The Ancient Key can be obtained from a Large Ornate Chest after killing the Ancient Guardian. The key cannot be transferred between cave levels, and attempting to do so will leave it by the stairs.

The position of the Ancient Key is revealed to players with a Thulecite Medallion in their inventory.

The Ancient Key is required to fight the Ancient Fuelweaver.

Silver Bowl.png The Gorge

Only during the Event: The Gorge icon.png The Gorge

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Good. I can get out of here.

Maxwell, when examining the Ancient Key in the Gorge

In The Gorge event, the Ancient Key can be bought from Mumsy for 3 Gnaw's Favors. After it's obtained, the players can put it into the Altar of Gnaw, which reactivates the Mossy Gateway and allows players to win the game.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Ancient Key was added in the Hearts of the Ruins update.
  • Part of the Mossy Gateway's Ancient Key looks similar to bloodstone.
  • In the lore, it's used to open the Ancient Gateway and allow access to Gate Realms, which are the settings for limited-time Events such as The Forge and The Gorge.
  • According to the canon, the ancient key from The Gorge is charged from the energy of the Gnaw's favors.

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