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Gloomthorns are one of two ancient trees that grow from a Surprising Seed. To grow a Gloomthorn seed into a sapling, the seed must be planted in one of the following conditions: it is currently Winter or the seed is on Marsh Turf. If both of these conditions are met and your character says that the seed can't grow when examined, it means that it is the seed for a Sproutrock. Otherwise, the seed will grow into a Gloomthorn Sapling after 3-7 days.

Once the seed has sprouted into a Gloomthorn Sapling, it will only continue to grow if both of the conditions are met. If they are, it will turn into a Gloomthorn after 8-12 days.

Gloomthorns will grow 4 Nightberries every 12 to 25 days provided it is still on Marsh Turf. The Nightberries can be picked only at night.

The 12 to 25 day timer for the Gloomthorn regrowing its berries is set after it reaches its final growth stage, and will stay the same throughout its lifetime and every harvest. The only way to change its timer is to plant the Gloomthorn again. The Gloomthorn benefits from the 25% boost to regrowing its berries during Spring, despite its produce being edible.

Gloomthorns and their saplings are completely fireproof and cannot be ignited by any means, including wildfires.

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