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Dragoon Eggs are the meteors that fall from the sky when Volcanic Eruption occurs during the Dry Season, if the Volcano Staff is used in the Shipwrecked DLC, or if Wickerbottom uses Joy of Volcanology.

A direct hit from a Dragoon Egg will deal 300 damage. When they fall into the Ocean, they will sink and create big Waves. If they make impact on the land, they will destroy items and structures they hit, and ignite items around the impact point. When hitting the land, they have a 50% chance to create a Lava Pool, and 25% chance to stay intact, otherwise they are destroyed.

Intact Dragoon Eggs will hatch into Dragoons after 120 seconds, if they are left alone. They can also be mined to obtain 1-2 Flint, 1-2 Rocks and 1-2 Obsidian which will prevent the egg from hatching.

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