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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

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Tall grass like that is going to need a machete.


Tall Grass is a Plant exclusive to Don't Starve: Hamlet DLC, which can be found in the Plains and Rainforest Biomes. Just like the grass in the base game, it yields Cut Grass, but only with the help of a tool. Unlike Grass Tuft, Tall Grass take 4 days to regrow (Rain will reduce this time) and never withered because of high temperature. However, like Grass Tuft, Tall Grass do not grow during Winter.

Several tools can be used :

Depending on the biome/turf Tall Grass is planted in, it will grow as a different plant. If the Grass Tuft is planted on Wild Plains Turf, Rainforest Turf, Deep Rainforest Turf or Dense Turf, it will grow as a Tall grass, and there will be no need to fertilize it. But if it is replanted in any other biome/turf, it will grow as an ordinary one, and the player will have to use Manure, Guano or Rot beforehand in order to fertilize it.

Tall Grass tufts may be infested with Weevoles, spawning up to three during the evening, night, and when the tuft is hacked or sheered. Harvesting, digging up or burning an infested Tall Grass tuft will remove the infestation. Game attempts to create new infested grass each time the grass regrows as long as there is no other infested grass nearby (within 3 pitchfork tiles).

Tall Grass tufts replanted by the player may become infested when other infested Tall Grass is destroyed in the world.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • Tall Grass used to be yellow, but the color was changed in the Quality of Life update.
  • Before the update Rev. 307715, digging up the Tall Grass with a Shovel would yield no Cut Grass.