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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png
Only during the Event: Year of the Dragonfly icon.png Year of the Dragonfly

Wilson Portrait.png
That's one scaly sail.

Wilson, when examining a Dragonfly Wing Mast

Wilson Portrait.png
Now I can build a mast.

Wilson, when examining a Dragonfly Wing Mast Kit

The Dragonfly Wing Mast is a craftable Structure exclusive to Don't Starve Together, and introduced in Year of the Dragonfly. It is found in the Offerings Filter, requires 1 Lucky Gold Nugget to craft, and a Dragonfly Shrine to prototype.

It works similar to common Mast.

The Dragonfly Wing Mast Kit item can be deployed on a Boat. The Mast's sail can then be lowered to allow the players to sail the Boat. A Steering Wheel can be used to direct the Mast's rotation.

Masts can be upgraded with a Deck Illuminator or Dragonfly Light to emit light, or with a Lightning Conductor to protect from Lightning.

To raise the sail efficiently, the player should hover their mouse over the Mast with an open sail and wait for the text to say "Heave!". Clicking on the Mast at this time will have the character raise the Mast halfway. The text will change to "Ho!", and once the player clicks the Mast again, the sail will be closed completely. If the player clicks the Mast before or after these text prompts, the character will struggle and it will take longer to close the sail. This applies to the Winged Sail as well.


An open Mast increases the maximum velocity of a Boat by 2.5, and an open Winged Sail increases the speed by 4. Each other successive mast is 30% less effective than the previous (Winged Sail effects apply first). The final maximum speed is bounded between 1 (without mast) and 10. The following table gives some examples:

Mast(s) None Dragonfly Wing Mast.png Dragonfly Wing Mast.pngDragonfly Wing Mast.png Dragonfly Wing Mast.pngDragonfly Wing Mast.pngMast Build.png Dragonfly Wing Mast.pngWinged Sail Build.png
Speed None 2.5 4.25 5.475 5.75

Note that the base speed is 0, which is raised to 1 by the bound.

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