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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

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Chirps when interesting biological targets are nearby.

Will chase and scan interesting biological targets while WX-78 is close.

Drops Bio Data when finished.

-Scrapbook Description

The Bio Scanalyzer is an item that can only be crafted and used by WX-78, exclusive to Don't Starve Together. The Bio Scanalyzer can be used to scan organisms to gain crafting recipes for circuits, as well as Bio Data for crafting them. If deployed with nothing nearby, it will follow WX-78.

When deployed and near a creature associated with a circuit recipe, the Bio Scanalyzer will seek and scan the creature, with a green circle highlighted near it. WX-78 must stay within the circle (7m of the Bio Scanalyzer) for the scanning to complete. The scanning will take 10 seconds for most mobs, 20 seconds for epic mobs. Once the scanning is completed, the Bio Scanalyzer will go to WX-78's last location from when it finished scanning and deposit 1-10 Bio Data depending on the mob scanned, before going inactive to be harvested for its recipe. Upon being harvested, it will attempt to teach that WX-78 the recipe associated with the scan as if they had used a blueprint. Bio Scanalyzers with a recipe can only be harvested by WX-78. If 8 minutes (one day) pass without being retrieved, it will forget the recipe it would have taught and become retrievable by any character.

A Bio-Scanalyzer cannot scan a Moleworm that is underground and will cancel scanning one if it burrows.

Scan History

When a Bio Scanalyzer creates Bio Data, it stores a history of the kind of creature that was scanned with the WX-78 who owns it, telling the game that scans should give less Bio Data. Bio Scanalyzers will refuse to scan anything which would produce zero data. This is used to prevent repeatedly scanning the same creature for full Bio Data in a short period of time. The amount of Bio Data given recovers gradually over the course of the next 8 minutes, which is one day. Having multiple histories for different creatures does not inhibit the cooldown speed for any of them.

After a non-reduced scan, WX-78 can still always produce a single scan worth of Bio Data from each kind of creature with history per day. Scans while history is active give only the fraction of the Bio Data that has been regenerated. History is both remembered and regenerated separately for every type of creature, scanning several of the same species (i.e. two different Butterflies) will not distinguish between them, but different ones with the same usage (i.e. a Butterfly and Moon Moth) will be tracked separately. The amount of Bio Data that is available from each species remembered is partially regenerated once per clock segment, restoring the availability 1/16th of the Bio Data given by a full scan for every remembered creature type.

Penalized scans round the amount of Bio Data available down, and only incur more history cooldown based on that rounded amount. For example, scanning a Spider for 2 data, then waiting 14 out of 16 clock segments would cause WX-78's data history to regenerate 1.75 data availability. A second scan would only give 1 data, but the amount of data available would be set to 0.75 instead of 0, offering a new Bio Data in only 2 segments and a full refresh in only 10. A Deerclops in the same scenario would have forgiven 8.75 data in 14 out of 16 cycles, then given 8 if scanned again and had their forgiven history reduced to 0.75 data. A single clock cycle would allow the harvesting of another piece of data, but it would take 15 cycles to be fully forgiven.

Prototype.png Tips

  • Because scanning creatures with a history penalty active never incurs more penalty than what that data would incur from a full scan, scanning creatures multiple times per day is never inefficient.
  • Targets who give 8 or 10 Bio Data will regenerate a Bio Data every two segments, and a deployed Bio-Scanalyzer will follow WX-78 until at least one is available, meaning one can be left idle to produce a small amount of extra Bio-Data during longer bossfights. Notably, the Bean Booster Circuit from Queen Bee requires 12 Bio Data to make if the player does not already have a Super Processing Circuit to upgrade it from. The fight often runs long enough to produce that data.
  • A full table of data amounts can be found on the Bio Data page. Recipe unlocks are listed on the Circuits page.

Placeholder.png Trivia

  • The Bio Scanalyzer was added as part of WX-78's Character Refresh Update.
  • The Bio Scanalyzer's designation is "J1-M1", and his name is Jimmy.[1]
  • The Bio Scanalyzer’s design resembles the PotatOS from Portal 2 and might be a reference to it.
  • The Bio Scanalyzer is programmed to refuse scanning anything that can't be attacked by mobs by default, but a tag to override this behaviour exists and is used in every instance that this would happen except for burrowing Moleworms. It would otherwise also occur with Crab King, as well as stunned Moleworms.


  • If Multiple Bio Scanalyzers are deployed at the same time, all of them can scan the same mob for the same owner simultaneously. They will correctly cancel scanning if the data their owner should receive from that scan becomes zero while scanning. However, since the data yield is only updated then the Bio Data is created in the world, a bug can occur if a second scan completes while a Bio Scanalyzer is returning to WX-78's position but hasn't dropped its data yet. The second will also "succeed" in scanning, learn a blueprint, but fail to produce any Bio Data while playing the animation for printing it. This incurs no history penalty, but requires a WX-78 to harvest it to reset the Bio Scanalyzer to a usable state.
  • WX-78 does not have a line defined for failing to harvest a Bio-Scanalyzer if they don't have an "upgrademoduleowner" tag, since they should always have it. However, Wonkey inherits lines from the character turned into them but doesn't have that tag. This causes the game to fail to read the quote and fall back on Wilson's announcement of "It doesn't seem interested in a scientific discussion" instead, in spite of WX-78 otherwise referring to a Bio Scanalyzer as "Jimmy" or "he" in their quotes.
  • Wonkey also does not have a data history, so the data history associated with WX-78 is erased on transformation. It is possible to scan creatures for full data multiple times a day by becoming Wonkey and then reverting back. However, due to the difficulty of triggering and removing the curse compared with how short WX-78's history is, this is highly impractical to exploit.

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