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Exclusive to: Hamlet icon.png

Tab Icon.

The Wallpaper Tab is a crafting category exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. It is found under the Renovate Tab.

Craftable Items and Structures

The following items and structures can be acquired in the Wallpaper Tab:

Name Recipe Description Spawn Code
Wood Paneling.png
Wood Paneling
Oinc.png×1 "Goes up easy." interior_wall_wood
Willow Portrait.png
Dang. Won't burn.

Willow, when examining Wood Paneling

Checkered Wall Paper.png
Checkered Wall Paper
Oinc.png×6 "For that Diner chic." interior_wall_checkered
Woodlegs Portrait.png
'tis a bulk'ead fer'a house.

Woodlegs, when examining Checkered Wall Paper

Floral Wall Paper.png
Floral Wall Paper
Oinc.png×6 "Feel the velvet embossing." interior_wall_floral
Wigfrid Portrait.png
I care not for such frilly things.

Wigfrid, when examining Floral Wall Paper

Sunflower Wall Paper.png
Sunflower Wall Paper
Oinc.png×6 "The fall harvest look." interior_wall_sunflower
Wormwood Portrait.png

Wormwood, when examining Sunflower Wall Paper

Harlequin Wall Paper.png
Harlequin Wall Paper
Oinc.png×10 "Edgy and elegant." interior_wall_harlequin
Warly Portrait.png
Fine pub decor.

Warly, when examining Harlequin Wall Paper

Peagawk Wall Paper.png
Peagawk Wall Paper
Oinc.png×6 "Smooth some ruffled feathers." interior_wall_peagawk
Woodie Portrait.png
Reminds me too much of birds.

Woodie, when examining Peagawk Wall Paper

Orange Wall Paper.png
Orange Wall Paper
Oinc.png×4 "A deep orange." interior_wall_plain_ds
WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when examining Orange Wall Paper

Purple Wall Paper.png
Purple Wall Paper
Oinc.png×4 "A deep purple." interior_wall_plain_rog
Wendy Portrait.png
Boring. Like life without Abigail.

Wendy, when examining Purple Wall Paper

Rope Wall Panneling.png
Rope Wall Paneling
Oinc.png×6 "Tie the the room together." interior_wall_rope
Wilson Portrait.png
I'm 'knot' going to say anything bad about it.

Wilson, when examining Rope Wall Panneling[sic]

Circle Wall Tiling.png
Circle Wall Tiling
Oinc.png×10 "It's circles on wall paper." interior_wall_circles
Wilson Portrait.png
Pretty paper on a wall.

Wilson, when examining Circle Wall Tiling

Marble Wall Tiling.png
Marble Wall Tiling
Oinc.png×15 "A solid way to finish." interior_wall_marble
Wickerbottom Portrait.png
Wall ornamentation with a classic look.

Wickerbottom, when examining Marble Wall Tiling

Fine Wall Tiling.png
Fine Wall Tiling
Oinc.png×15 "Often chosen by pigs in office." interior_wall_mayorsoffice
Webber Portrait.png
Think this is from the Mayor's house.

Webber, when examining Fine Wall Tiling

Full Wall Moulding.png
Full Wall Moulding
Oinc.png×15 "A lot of work, but worth the effort." interior_wall_fullwall_moulding
Wilba Portrait.png

Wilba, when examining Full Wall Moulding

Upholstered Wall.png
Upholstered Wall
Oinc.png×8 "Like a sofa on your wall." interior_wall_fullwall_upholstered
Walani Portrait.png
Ohhh... soft.

Walani, when examining an Upholstered Wall

Mosquito.png Bugs

  • Spawning items and structures in this tab using the Console will crash the game.

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