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You haven't heard the last of Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler!


Maybelle Dorothea Wheeler is a Character exclusive to the Hamlet DLC. Wheeler is the tenth character to be unlocked via Experience, requiring 3200 XP to become available. She is an adventure-seeking aeronaut who crashed her hot air balloon and became lost in The Constant.

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  • Wheeler was officially added to the Hamlet Early Access beta branch on April 18, 2019, alongside Wagstaff.[1]
  • Wheeler is voiced by a ragtime piano.
  • In the roadmap forum post where she was first teased, she was described as "a globetrotting adventurer lost and alone."[2].
  • On the Steam page for Hamlet, she is described as "A gutsy aeronaut whose latest adventure has blown off course."[3].
  • Her middle name, Dorothea, may be a reference to Dorothy of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • In her original in-game design, she had a frown and neutral eyebrows. In the Early Access update 329526, it was changed to give her a smile and angled eyebrows similar to her character portrait.[4] Images depicting her previous design can be found in the gallery below.
  • During the first versions of Hamlet, Wheeler used to have 15 inventory slots and her base movement speed was 10% higher compared to other characters. She also used to have 10 inventory slots and 150 Health Meter.png.
  • She has a history playing stick ball.[5]
  • Her health is the second least in the singleplayer version of the game, the first being Maxwell's.
  • Wheeler is one of the five characters whose full name is known, the others being MaxwellWilson, Wendy, and Wagstaff.
  • When struck by Lightning, Wheeler is shown to have bones in her hair, much like other characters.
  • Wheeler seems to love scrambled eggs, based off of her quotes for multiple egg foods, such as Doydoy Eggs, Fried Tallbird Eggs, and Cooked Eggs.


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