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Me pirate sense be tinglin'.


Woodlegs is one of the four playable Characters exclusive to the Shipwrecked DLC. He is one of two Shipwrecked characters that can't be unlocked via Experience. He's a stereotypical pirate captain with two peg legs that hates staying too long on land and loves treasure.


Wickerbottom Portrait.png
How did you get in there, scruffy sir?

Wickerbottom, when examining Woodlegs's Cage

Woodlegs is locked in a cage that is found in the Volcano. To unlock the cage, players must find three Keys:

Each Key can be inserted in its hole even if players don't have all of them. After all the Keys are inserted, the cage will break down in smoke. Woodlegs will stand up and will do a jump while tapping his peg legs in the air (same animation as when you drink Anti Venom), then he will disappear in a puff of smoke. The broken cage will drop 2 Boards, 2 Logs, and 1 Rock.

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  • Woodlegs was added to Don't Starve: Shipwrecked in the Release the Quacken update on February 25, 2016.
    • Woodlegs was the first character to be revealed for Shipwrecked, but was the last to be added.
  • Since Woodlegs is a pirate, he seems to speak Pirate Lingo; his old motto was "Yarrr".
  • Woodlegs used to have an additional perk: When sinking, he would not drown, but would instead be spawned on the closest island and provided with materials needed to craft a Log Raft. However, this ability was removed in the Seas the Day update.
  • Woodlegs' voice is played by a concertina, an instrument commonly associated with pirates.
  • His peglegs give him unique sound effects when walking.
  • He can "bend" his legs as if he had knees, though this may be unintentional, since the legs do not bend in the animated trailers.
  • When struck by Lightning, it can be seen that Woodlegs has bones in his peg legs.
  • He is one of six characters that can't be unlocked via experience, alongside Wes, Maxwell, Webber, Wilbur, and Wilba.
  • When examined after freeing him, he has no defined name for this state, leaving the default phrase MISSINGNAME.
  • An early iteration of Woodlegs would have made him able to transform into a skeleton, but the developers had trouble implementing the mechanic. Game files of this skeleton form became known as the unimplemented character Wilton.[1]


  • According to his examination quotes, Woodlegs had a crew including shipmates,[2] a cook,[3] and a first mate named Wildeye Weston.[4] He also once had a parrot.[5]
  • He may have originated from the real world in the future compared to the other Survivors, based on his examination quote for Waffles, "Just like me mum opened from th'package."
  • Woodlegs' tongue is made out of wood, considering his examination quote for Spicy Chili.


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