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Blueprint.png This page describes an upcoming or planned feature. The content may be inaccurate and may contain spoilers and other speculations.

Unimplemented Characters are characters who have assets found in the game's files, but have not been included in the game. They may be works in progress, old iterations of existing characters, or the remnants of scrapped characters.

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Wilton's portrait.

Wilton is a skeleton character originally found in the files of Don't Starve. His model is identical to that of the skeleton Boons, but Wilton's assets in the game predate them. It was once possible to spawn Wilton into the game with the code "wilton" and his portrait once appeared if the player reached the XP cap. His voice sounds were produced with bamboo.[1]

Wilton was originally an iteration of Woodlegs. He would have been able to transform into a skeleton, but the developers had trouble implementing the mechanic.[2]

Wilton would have used special character strings instead of a full speech file. These strings consist of the following:[3]

  • "Ehhhhhhhhhhhhhh."
  • "Eeeeeeeeeeeer."
  • "Rattle."
  • "click click click click"
  • "Hissss!"
  • "Aaaaaaaaa."
  • "mooooooooooooaaaaan."
  • "..."

Known assets include:

  • In-game character model
  • Unlock portrait
  • Silhouette
  • Sound files
  • In-game speech
  • Map icon
  • Skull
Wilton's Sounds
Wilton's voice.
Wilton's hurt voice.


Winnie's portrait.

Winnie is a young female character originally found in the files of Don't Starve. Kevin Forbes has described her as a "Little Bo-Peep kind of character" and suggested that she was planned to have perks related to animals and being a vegetarian.[4] Her facial features resemble Wigfrid who was added as part of the Reign of Giants DLC long after Winnie's assets were found in the game files. A yawning sound file for Winnie has been found in Wilson's audio files in Don't Starve Together since at least May 2015.[5]

She may be a reference to Winifred "Winnie" Foster from the book Tuck Everlasting by Natalie Babbitt, because of her similar dress, shared name, and blonde hair.

Known assets include:

  • In-game character model (Removed)
  • Unlock portrait
  • Silhouette
  • Sound files
  • Map icon (Removed)
  • Skull
Winnie's Sounds
Winnie's voice.
Winnie's hurt voice.
Winnie's yawn from the DST files.


Wallace's portrait.

Wallace is an older male character originally found in the files for Don't Starve. Developer Kevin Forbes has implied that he is Scottish.[Verification Needed]

Wallace's hairstyle may be a reference to the hairstyle of Dracula in the film Bram Stoker's Dracula.

Known assets include:

  • Unlock portrait
  • Sound files
  • Skull
Wallace's Sounds
Wallace's voice.
Wallace's hurt voice.


Waverly's portrait.

Waverly is a witch character originally found in the files for Don't Starve.

Her name may be a reference to the TV show Wizards of Waverly Place.

Known assets include:


Pyro's portrait

The Pyro is a character discovered in the files for Don't Starve and is based off of the class of the same name from Team Fortress 2. Pyro was originally put together by the development team for fun[6] and was not intended to be part of another promotion with Valve.[7]

There were special Pyro-related items found within the game's files, such as a Balloonicorn Chester, an Axtinguisher, a Lollichop, a broken or bitten-into version of the Lollichop, and a Flare Gun. Different colour_cube files were also found under the name insane_pyro_dusk.cc, insane_pyro_day.cc, and insane_pyro_night.cc, suggesting some form of "Pyrovision" when this character is played.

In the sound files, Pyro is called "wyro", much like how Maxwell is called "waxwell". This is because of the naming convention in which all playable characters' names begin with a "W".

Animation files for Pyro were also found in DS Newhome files.

Known assets include:

  • Character poster
  • Unlock portrait
  • Sound files
  • Animation files
  • colour_cube files
  • Pyro-based items
Pyro's Sounds
Pyro's voice.
Pyro's hurt voice.
Random sanity sounds exclusive to Pyro.


Watricia is a character that was supposed to be implemented in the Shipwrecked DLC, but was later scrapped in favor of Wilbur. Her development only got as far as some concept art and prototyped game items before she was shelved.[8] The game items that were to be exclusive to her were Rawling and a Backpack called "mailpack" in her prefab file.[9] Before it was removed, her in-game speech file was empty.[Verification Needed]

Watricia's exclusive items being a Mail Pack and a basketball companion named Rawling seem to be references to the main character of the film Cast Away, a marooned Fedex employee who makes a companion out of a volleyball he names Wilson.

Known assets include:

  • In-game speech (Removed)
  • Prefab file

Mod player

Mod player portrait

Mod player was found in the files of Don't Starve Newhome's beta, and at one point in the files of Don't Starve Together as well.

Known assets include:

  • In-game character model
  • Character filter icon (was added to Don't Starve Together files in 24 march 2022)

Frog Webber

Frog Webber portrait

Frog Webber is simply Webber wearing a frog hoodie. While Frog Webber's health, hunger and sanity parameters are the same as those of Webber, he starts with a Walking Cane and is able to jump by right clicking with it, at the cost of a small bit of hunger. He was shown off on an official Klei stream. The mod with him was later released by Klei for Don't Starve Together, under one of their dev's names (Kleifish). While the original version of the mod no longer functions as it was last updated in 2014, there exist other mods that make him playable.

Frog Webber is an elaborate in-joke that started with one of Klei's developers (Mark) mistaking Webber as "the frog dude"[10] during a Rhymes with Play devcast, while discussing porting Reign of Giants characters to Don't Starve Together, which at that point was a work-in-progress. This mistake caused the stream's chat to start speculating that there really was a new frog-based character arriving. While this was obviously just a slip-up, with Mark fueling the discussion on stream[11], the Frog Webber mod was eventually released as a homage to this event.


fake_ghosthunter002 was found in the files of Don't Starve: New Home's beta, specifically in the "fake_ghosthunter002_build.zip" file. This character is not made in the style of Don't Starve: New Home, but at the same time has eyes that are not standard for the regular Don't Starve style either.

Don't Starve Together icon.png Westalt

Westalt was found in the files of the June 2023 Don't Starve: New Home beta test. The name "Westalt" is likely a combination of Gestalt, and how, as nearly all characters start with "W", characters that don't start with "W" have their internal name used in the files's first letter changed to "W". For example, Maxwell is internally referred to as "Waxwell".

Placeholder.png Trivia

A screenshot of wx78.fsb that contains WX's sounds. Note how many of them are labeled "Woodrow".
  • Don't Starve sound files for a character named Woodrow were found to be identical to WX-78's sound files. Most of WX-78's sound files still have the prefix "Woodrow", suggesting that Woodrow might have been either a development name for WX-78 or a completely different character that eventually evolved into WX-78.
  • In the preview stream for the A Little Rain Must Fall update, Klei Entertainment said that all of character sounds as of March 2013 were completed,[1] although only some of them were in the files.
  • On the subject of character unlocking, Kevin Forbes said: "I'm not against having a secret character unlock down in the depths of the cave, but it would probably end up being a more esoteric one, like Wortox or something else non-human".
  • In 2015, the name "wepeatski" was found in the files for Shipwrecked along with Wastien (Warly's development name), Walani, Woodlegs and Watricia.[12] The name Wepeatski is most likely intended to be an easter egg as it is similar to the name Repeatski, a character from Super Time Force made by Capybara Games.
    • Wepeatski reappeared in the animation files for Hamlet, which includes a fan made character model from a mod for unknown reasons.[13]
  • There is a silhouette in the game files of the Shipwrecked DLC that was thought to have been for an upcoming character, however during a PAX Prime demo stream for the DLC in 2015 the silhouette was presented as a "generic shadow" placeholder and "not necessarily a peek at a new character."[14]
  • WX-78, Wickerbottom, Wes, Maxwell (for a short time), Woodie, Webber, Wilbur, Wilba, Wormwood, Wortox, and Wagstaff were on this page before they were implemented.
    • Wortox was on this page for the longest amount of time (from December 2012 to March 2019) before eventually coming to Don't Starve Together as a DLC character.
    • Wortox is the only unimplemented character from Don't Starve to be introduced to Don't Starve Together without being a part of Don't Starve.
  • Many characters listed here have been modded into the game by the community, including Wilton, Winnie, Waverly, Walace, and Pyro.
  • In Don't Starve Together, a hotfix in March 2017 accidentally added speech files for Winona, however, the files were quickly removed. On September 13th, 2017, Winona was officially added to the game.

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