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Exclusive to: Don't Starve Together icon.png

Wilson Portrait.png
I'm feeling a little wonkey...

Wilson, while transforming

WX-78 Portrait.png

WX-78, when transformed

Woodie Portrait.png
Whew. Next time I'm turning into something normal, like a moose.

Woodie, after returning to their original form

Wonkey is a Hidden Internal Character exclusive to Don't Starve Together. Unlike all other characters in Don't Starve Together, Wonkey acts more as a state that players can revert to and from, replacing their previous character.

The Wonkey transformation is a curse, but it comes with small upsides. The transformation requires 10 Accursed Trinkets which fill up an inventory slot (they only stack to 10, so additional trinkets are stored in a second slot, and so on). As Wonkey, the player loses access to any character-specific abilities, crafting recipes, damage modifiers, etc. Wonkey's basic stats are lower than most other characters, except Wes (comparable WX-78's starting stats, but with more hunger and less sanity). Wonkey's base speed is 5.5 (slower than the standard 6), but after walking for a second or two, it begins running at speed 8 which is sufficient to outrun most mobs. Pigs and Bunnymen are hostile to Wonkey, but Monkeys (from Moon Quay) are neutral. Splumonkeys and their shadow counterparts treat Wonkey like any other character. Wonkey has no special food restrictions or allowances and derives the same benefits or drawbacks from foods as most other characters.

Minimap Maxwell's Door.png Origin

Wonkey is one of Don't Starve Together's other playable characters that has been transformed by the Curse of the Moon Quay pirates.

Lock.png Unlocking

Wonkey can not be selected from the menu and is only playable by acquiring 10 Accursed Trinkets as any character. They will then transform into Wonkey, having their stats and perks replaced with Wonkey's. After unlocking players will be able to change Wonkey's Cosmetics.

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  • Wonkey's appearance changed between the Curse of Moon Quay Beta and full Launch, adding details to its art.
  • Wonkey was added in Curse of Moon Quay Beta.
  • Wonkey is the only character that is not initially seen in the Curio Cabinet, only shown once a character transforms for the first time
About Wonkey skins.jpg
  • In one of the game codes there is a comment about Wonkey skins: "no wonkey skins in packs... yet??? maybe one day???"
  • Wonkey has a ghost model that can be viewed in the main menu, but it is not used in the game.
  • Wonkey is voiced by Cuíca, an instrument sometimes called a Monkey Drum due to it's sound resembling monkey noises